Esca Bona

6 ways to feed the good food future

Collaboration is helping create a healthier tomorrow.

Twenty four million Americans have no access to healthy food; meanwhile, close to 30 percent of food grown and produced in the U.S. is wasted. It's easy to see a major problem there; then again, in those two disheartening stats, there's also a solution. And this is how a growing number of food innovators are tackling these issues. Proactively

Food waste, climate change, obesity and so many other critical issues related to our health and environment are a result of the daily decisions we make as businesses and consumers. We're reaching a tipping point--or at least close to it—a time when large corporations are digging deep to make changes and invest in a healthier tomorrow, while young entrepreneurs are introducing innovations that could change our food system forever. The potential solutions come in so many forms, but there's one common thread: the power of collaboration in making a difference. Here, we highlight some of the ways to create a healthier tomorrow that we explore in our exclusive eGuide, Feeding the Good Food Future. How are you bringing new foods—and ideas—to our plates? Share using the hashtags #FGFF and #EscaBona. 

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