Numi Organic Tea launches Fair Labor Practices program

Numi Organic Tea launches Fair Labor Practices program

Groundbreaking proprietary verification program advances social responsibility throughout the supply chain.

Numi Organic Tea is pleased to introduce the new Fair Labor Practices (FLP) program. This proprietary verification program is a continuous improvement model that focuses on the labor and workplace conditions throughout Numi’s entire foreign supply chain.

The FLP program can be applied to any agricultural supply chain with annual third-party verification audits conducted by SCS Global Services (SCS) or other authorized verification bodies. FLP is a unique social verification model in several ways:

  • Environmental compliance:Organic certification is a prerequisite for the FLP program, ensuring workers and communities are safe from harmful chemicals.
  • Entire supply chain:Each step of the overseas supply chain is audited for verification, while most other models audit only the farm.
  • Continuous improvement: As opposed to a pass/fail system, FLP is a continuous improvement program that requires year-over-year verifications that include recommended improvements against the standard annually.
  • Direct partnerships:The FLP program encourages companies to have a direct role in the social development of their supply chain, allowing deeper intimacy with the resources dedicated to their social responsibility initiatives.
  • Complementary to Fair Trade certification:FLP can be applied to both individual products and entire supply chains, giving brands the ability to socially verify portions of their supply chain that aren’t certifiable under current Fair Trade standards (i.e. shipping, packaging).

Numi has been utilizing the FLP program for more than four years and it has been the brand’s playbook for perpetual improvement and positive change with multiple supply chains partners in China. In 2013 Numi will have all six organic pu-erh tea blends, the Indulgent Pu-erh Tea Collection gift set, High Mountain Black Brewed Iced Tea and Chinese Breakfast Tea verified Fair Labor.

“The Fair Labor Practices program is our guidebook for continuous improvement” says Brian Durkee, vice president of operations for Numi Organic Tea. “We take great care in developing meaningful relationships with our suppliers, and the Fair Labor Practices program helps us accomplish that.”

“At Numi, we are constantly working to improve our contributions to the community we work with; both locally in Oakland and our global community of people involved in our supply chain,” says Ahmed Rahim, cofounder, CEO and chief alchemist for Numi Organic Tea. “We are proud to launch the Fair Labor Practices program, both to demonstrate our commitment to advancing fair labor standards and improving workplace conditions but also to inspiring others to join us in this mission.”



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