Novel sponsors UT-Pro D-mannose study

Novel sponsors UT-Pro D-mannose study

Recent clinical trials show D‑mannose significantly supports urinary tract health.

Novel Ingredient Services has announced that it is sponsoring an independent clinical study of UT-Pro, its exclusive branded D-mannose powder. The study is a follow-up to two recently published clinical trials that found D‑mannose  significantly supported urinary tract health.  

"Given UT-Pro’s superior purity—99 percent by HPLC—we believe this branded ingredient will be even more beneficial in managing urinary tract health than generic D‑mannose," said Bob Green, Novel chairman.  The clinical trial is being conducted by Medicus Research, a respected contract research organization specializing in natural health products.  Study results are expected in fall 2014.

A yearlong, randomized cross-over study of 60 women between the ages of 22 and 54, conducted by Dr. Daniele Porru and published in the April 2014 issue of Journal of Clinical Urology, produced exceptionally impressive results for D-mannose, finding that it significantly supported urinary tract health. A previous six-month study of 308 women, conducted by Dr. Bojana Kranjcec and published April 2013 in World Journal of Urology, had similar notable finding. 

UT‑Pro is generally considered the finest quality D‑mannose on the market today.  Derived from glucose, UT-Pro offers unrivaled value due to its exceptional purity:  99 percent by HPLC.  To guarantee premium quality, UT‑Pro is refined using strict good manufacturing practices that meet international standards, including U.S. Phamacopeial and British Pharmacopoeia. Novel Ingredient Services is the exclusive distributor of UT-Pro in North America. 


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