Fueling up with convenient plant-based proteins

The exciting time has come where we finally have more than one brand of plant-based protein powders on the market! Let's take a brief moment to celebrate the hard working manufacturers who have put endless hours of R&D time to bring these to market for us. Even for the carnivores out there, plant-based protein powders are a wonderful option for increased protein consumption, without much sugar and most importantly, without the energy crash or lethargic feeling of some breakfast alternatives. 

When waking up in the morning, in addition to getting our caffeine boost, most of us desire the quickest and healthiest option available to us. Whether our day starts off with a nutrition bar, a shake or simply a piece of fruit, feeling nourished throughout the day relies on properly fueling ourselves with our first and most important meal, breakfast.

Nutrient dense mornings are vital in helping contribute to the Daily Recommended Value (DRV) of 50 grams od protein per day, which a lot of us unfortunately aren't getting. Lucky for us, some companies have dedicated their livelihood to making protein consumption much easier with developing plant-based protein powders. 

Sunwarrior, based in Utah, provides a range of vegan protein powders to help get your day started off right. They taste simply delicious, and they have craftfully developed them to leave no funny aftertastes like some of the alternatives out there. They offer vegan protein lines of their original "Classic", "Plus", "Warrior Blend", and their newest, "Illumin8" line, which contains 8 of their deemed essential nutrients. Sunwarrior's base varies with a blend of pea, rice and hemp proteins and they contain 18 amino acids.  All of that is available with less than 4 grams of sugar per serving! 

Another wonderful plant-based protein brand that is readily available is Garden of Life. Garden of Life, based in Florida, has been a long time standing natural brand supporting vegan and raw protein powders which have a classically clean ingredient deck. Their original line, "Raw Protein", is a blend of different grains mixed with probiotics. Garden of Life's "Raw Organic Meal", offers a little higher caloric content than their original "Raw Protein" blend, but offers consumers with a full meal replacement option. Continuing on, for the weight management focused consumers,  they have their "Raw Fit" line, which has about 28 grams of protein per variety and added green coffee bean extract and ashwaganda to help with burning fat. Garden of Life's newest lines include their "Organic Plant Protein" and "Raw Protein and Greens". The "Organic Plant Protein" varieties are grain free with protein sources derived from pea and flax seeds. Last but not least, the "Raw Protein and Greens" contains their classic "Raw Protein" blends but with an addition of six different greens and veggies like alfalafa and broccoli.

In sum, just these two brands alone provide a multitude of plant-based protein options. Whether your focus is maximizing your protein content, losing weight, focusing on obtaining more amino acids or increasing your greens, there is a match out there for you. Cheers to feeling protein fueled and nourished throughout your day!  

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