The latest from Herbal Clear is two natural products in one: OUTDOOR Whole Body(TM) Deodorant & Protection Stick

Now the family can stay outside and play – from backyard Barbequing to picnicking, hiking or camping -- and feel fresh, while also keeping pesky insects away, with OUTDOOR Whole Body™. This is the latest in the Herbal Clear™ line of natural deodorants from The Aurora Group. An innovative personal care company since 1990, The Aurora Group’s culture is one of outdoor enthusiasts, so they set their Herbal Clear team of specialists to the task of researching the best ingredients for an all natural product that would allow people to stay outdoors for a long time and not be offensive, and at the same time, not be a target for all the pesky bugs that live there!

The result is the convenient, dual purpose OUTDOOR Whole Body Deodorant & Protection Stick. This is a truly unique 24-hour natural deodorant that is the first to combine the anti-microbial benefits of lichen and silver citrate—both known to eliminate odor-causing bacteria—plus specially selected essential oils that have been shown to help keep insects away. These include lemon eucalyptus, lavender and cedar. The convenience of OUTDOOR being two products in one helps to lighten a backpack load, while also being environmentally sound.

Any outdoor activity can be enjoyed … all day and all night
Picture it: A beautiful, sunny day.. The grill is heating up, the BBQ chef is preparing their famous “secret ”marinade, the table is all set for the friends who will be arriving soon to enjoy the day outdoors. Now, staying fresh and appealing – all day long – while still keeping the bugs away is easy with OUTDOOR.

For other outdoor lovers who are even more active, OUTDOOR has also been shown to be very effective during a wide variety of outdoor and sporting activities. The product is safe to apply and reapply freely, all over the body, as exertion demands. OUTDOOR glides on the skin smoothly, is not at all sticky, and is pleasantly aromatic due to its select essential oil blend.

Superior Formulation
Outdoor Whole Body Stick, as with all of The Aurora Group’s natural personal care products, incorporates the latest proprietary manufacturing raw-material technology. Herbal Clear was a pioneer in developing a formula for a PG-free, stable, all natural, effective, non-toxic deodorant stick. Outdoor Whole Body Stick contains no parabens* or aluminum salts, which have been linked to skin irritation, breast cancer and kidney dysfunction as in some traditional deodorants. Outdoor Whole Body Stick’s key ingredients are all natural, formulated in this special blend:

o Lichen. Extracts of the Usnea species in the form of usnic acid are powerful and natural antibiotics used in Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and in the Far East to treat wounds.
o Silver citrate, a form of colloidal silver known to eliminate odor-causing bacteria by inhibiting the expression of enzymes and other proteins essential to the bacteria’s energy cycle.
o Cedar, an antiseptic and astringent. Extracted from the bark of the cedar wood tree (Juniperus virginiana), the oil is a natural insect inhibitor.
o Lemon eucalyptus, which contains citronellal, another natural insect inhibitor. This essential oil is highly antiseptic, and its antibacterial, antiviral qualities make it a superb odor-fighting agent.
o Lavender, a traditional antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent, which has been associated with cleanliness since Roman times, when it was added to bath water.

“The Herbal Clear family of brands continues to offer value pricing, superior packaging, and formulation quality to meet the stringent demands of today's consumers,” says Walter Siegordner, founder and president of The Aurora Group. The 1.8-oz stick can be found in local health food stores, such as Whole Foods, GNC, Vitamin Shoppes & more, as well as other stores that feature natural products. It is also available online at and The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $5.99.

The Herbal Clear line is marketed by South Hackensack, NJ-based The Aurora Group, which includes the highly successful Vivi System and Viviscal line of natural beauty care products. The Aurora Group has been a leader in innovative, natural personal care products and meticulously follows only the highest Good Manufacturing Practices, and never tests any of their products on animals. For more information, call The Aurora Group at 800-318-3934.
(*One such study, “Concentrations of Parabens in Human Breast Tumors” by P.D. Darbre, A. Alijarrah, W.R. Miller, N.G. Coldham, M.J. Sauer and G.S. Pope, appeared in the Journal of Applied Toxicology, 24, 5-13 (2004). )

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