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Nutrition Capital Network news: Raptor Consumer Partners (RCP) partners with Unreal Brands

Nutrition Capital Network facilitates financing and asset sales for growing companies and introduces investors to the next generation of successful brands & technology in the nutrition and health & wellness industries. Below is news from June.

Raptor Consumer Partners (RCP) has partnered with Unreal Brands Inc. (Boston, Mass.) to help launch a line of “unjunked” chocolate candies in over 30,000 stores nationwide this summer. RCP is Unreal’s lead investor, along with co-founder Michael Bronner. Terms were not disclosed. “The combination of a large market that has lacked meaningful innovation, coupled with a massive movement towards health and wellness has created unprecedented opportunity for Unreal to offer alternatives to existing food products we all know and love,” said John Burns, RCP’s managing director who has joined Unreal’s board of directors.

Unreal candy contains no corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors or flavors, and averages 40% less sugar than conventional candy. Founded two years ago by Bronner and his 13-year-old son after an argument over Halloween candy, Unreal has assembled a team that includes former executives from Kellogg’s, P&G, Google, and Godiva. CVS was the first major retailer to sign on.

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