Nutrition Business Journal

The DSHEA Dilemma - At 20, are the regulations still relevant?

As the landmark legislation governing supplements turns 20 years old—in an entirely new world of social media and globalized supply chains—NBJ again polls figures in and around the industry for an email roundtable to speak with candor about the best and worst of DSHEA, and what the industry might look and feel like in another twenty years. Here’s what they had to say.  

For our cover story two years ago in this very issue, NBJ asked thought leaders across the supplement space to consider a post-DSHEA world. What might that look like? In what ways could new thinking around supplement regulation advance or impede the industry? A number of targeted improvements to the law surfaced, as did a general disquiet among the respondents that the industry had strayed too far from its roots. Back in 1994,

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