GELITA shows beauty solutions at Engredea

GELITA shows beauty solutions at Engredea

Market leader in gelatine and collagen peptides will feature a comprehensive portfolio of beauty-boosting ingredients.

GELITA, world market leader in gelatine and collagen peptides, will feature a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions, application support, technical expertise and scientific substantiation at the upcoming Engredea Expo.

Gain strength, mobility, health and beauty with GELITA Collagen Peptides. If your products are designed for the market’s most nagging health and beauty concerns, GELITA’s portfolio will inspire winning product developments. With unique solutions for musculoskeletal, joint health, beauty and protein challenges, GELITA’s Collagen Peptides offer functionality, versatility and value.

VERISOL® – Real Beauty Comes from Within
VERISOL® Bioactive Collagen Peptides® substantially increase skin moisture and stimulate skin metabolism and the formation of new collagen. Administered orally, VERISOL influences the skin’s matrix from the inside. Produced from native collagen, VERISOL features excellence bioavailability and can easily be incorporated into a diverse range of products, from functional foods and beverages to pharmaceutical-like applications such as capsules and film-coated tablets.

FORTIGEL® - Join the Joint Health Revolution
Specially optimized Bioactive Collagen Peptides measurably promote joint cartilage growth and in so doing counteract wear on joints caused by aging and excess load. Products with FORTIGEL help those suffering from joint problems improve their quality of life. The effect of FORTIGEL has been scientifically proven in numerous studies.

PEPTIPLUS® – High Protein Performance
GELITA PEPTIPLUS is a natural protein source of neutral odor and taste. Even when mixed with other ingredients (and other proteins), PEPTIPLUS delivers clear and easily soluble, highly bioavailable solutions. PEPTIPLUS offers bar and beverage opportunities in the areas of performance, healthy aging, and health and wellness nutrition. It provides protein stability in liquids with a smooth mouthfeel and readily dissolves in cold water. In functional bars, PEPTIPLUS optimizes texture and stability, acts as a binding agent, allows for sugar reduction and increased fiber, in addition to superior foam formation.

Visit GELITA at Booth 368 at Engredea to discover how GELITA’s solutions contribute to the success of your product portfolio.

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