BTG and Cohen Marketing Services Announce New Way to Add a ''Healthy Kick'' to Snack Foods and Baked Goods

WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 8, 2003-- Technology Doubles Amount of Soy Protein in Baked and Snack Foods

BTG (LSE: BGC), the global technology commercialization company, and Cohen Marketing Services today announced an agreement allowing BTG to commercialize a technology that enables higher soy content in several food product categories, including baked goods, snack foods (chips, cookies), and any other dough-based specialty foods.

Consumers and the food industry continue to increase their focus on products providing health benefits, as shown through recent announcements by Kraft Foods, Frito-Lay, McDonald's, and Kellogg's (also reported in the July 1st USA Today article "Under Fire, Food Giants Switch to Healthier Fare"). As this trend continues, many other major food companies worldwide are expected to follow suit.

Soy, in particular, has drawn widespread interest as an ingredient due to its established cardiovascular health benefit and its potential benefit for other diseases such as osteoporosis, prostate cancer and colon cancer (currently under investigation). The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized the health benefits of soy by authorizing use of a health claim relating to cardiovascular disease for products containing a specified amount of soy.

Because foods made with soy protein may lower cholesterol and generally have lower amounts of saturated fat, consumers have embraced soy products and are demanding a broader array of foods containing this ingredient. In 2001, sales of soy foods in the US totaled $3.2 billion, up 17 percent over the year before, according to a study by market research firms SPINS and Soyatech.

Currently, very few dough and baked products contain soy because dough made with a high amount of soy could not be formulated properly to meet the demands of food manufacturers. Through efforts led by Ms. Deborah Cohen of Cohen Marketing Services (CMS), a soy dough formulation has now been developed that will enable food manufacturers to more than double the amount of soy in baked foods while providing the consistency and texture consumers have come to expect in these food products.

"Our first goal was to make a healthier tortilla chip," said Ms. Cohen. "We further developed this idea into a formulation that is scalable and allows manufacturers to produce a wide array of soy-based foods that consumers are already familiar with. We project that the technology will greatly improve food manufacturers' ability to develop ingredients for innovative new products and take advantage of the increasing demand for soy in the market."

"BTG was looking to build upon its success in bringing healthcare technologies to the marketplace as we have done with MRI, cholesterol assay tests, Campath(R), and BeneFIX(R)," stated Anthony V. Lando, BTG's Chief Operating Officer. "With the emergence of our soy dough technology, we are now impacting the food and beverage markets with innovative functional food and nutraceutical offerings. Application of CMS' technology should play a key role in the development of healthier baked foods."

About Cohen Marketing Services

Cohen Marketing Services (CMS) started in the late '80s and currently is a boutique type developer and marketer of ingredients and food products that are intended to bring positive health benefits to the consumer. In working literally from the field to the market, CMS endeavors to bring options and value-added solutions to farmers that also provide attractive product possibilities for food manufacturers. CMS operates under the principle that the connection between agricultural production and food manufacturing should be strong, communicative and accommodating for both industries to profit. CMS is best known for creating applications and promoting the use of specialty grains in the snack and natural foods industries.

About BTG

BTG finds, develops and commercializes emerging technologies in the life and physical sciences. These innovations are protected by a strong portfolio of intellectual property that BTG develops and enhances. BTG then captures the value in these technologies through licensing and venturing activities. From the origins of its business in 1949, BTG has commercialized major innovations such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), recombinant factor IX blood-clotting protein, Campath(R) (alemtuzumab) and Multilevel Cell (MLC) memory. BTG is quoted on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol "BGC" and operates from offices in London and Philadelphia, with representation in Tokyo. BTG operates through wholly owned subsidiaries, BTG International Ltd. and BTG International Inc. in the UK and USA, respectively. Further information on BTG can be found at

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