Introducing Organic Cotton Robes from Pure-Rest(TM)

El Cajon, California (May 6, 2004) Pure-RestTM, a division of Ecobaby Organics, Inc., introduces 100% certified organic cotton bath robes as part of its Pure-Rest™ Collection, a high quality selection of organic linens and environmentally friendly furniture and accessories.

According to Ginny Turner, President, “This truly is a wonderful way to indulge yourself in comfort. Our cotton is the cleanest, purest and most resilient fiber available because we use only handpicked, KRAV and SKAL certified chemical-free cotton in our products.” As part of its mission, the company takes a strong stand against the use of defoliants, herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers used to control plant growth, fight pests and fertilize crops. In addition, no synthetic chemicals are used to strip the leaves in preparation for the harvest or during the manufacturing process. “Our quality standards are our commitment to our customers and to the environment,” adds Ginny. “We are concerned not only about the health and well being of our customers but the health of the planet also.” Pure-Rest’s clothing and linens are always made with low impact dyes free of heavy metals and toxic chemicals are not used in the finishing process.

Pure-Rest™ offers three unique styles of robes. SRPs range from $69.99 to $99.99 for adult robes and $29.99 for children’s sizes.

  • Organic Cotton Velour Robe: thick and thirsty, soft and pliable, ideal for winter, two sizes available
  • Organic Cotton Spa Robe: light and lively in waffle-weave, two sizes available in white
  • Organic Cotton Sherpa Robe: comfortable and fuzzy, made for all seasons, 2 sizes available in natural (off white) color; matching child’s robe comes in natural, seafoam and pink in 5 sizes

Ecobaby Organics, Inc., the parent company of Pure-RestTM, is the largest manufacturer and retailer of organic and environmental products for children and their parents. After many customer requests for high quality adult bedding, Ecobaby launched Pure-RestTM in 2003 in an effort to fulfill the need for safe yet comfortable organic bedding for the entire family including the pets! Pure-RestTM offers sheets, comforters, mattress pads, moisture pad protectors, pillows, futons, towels, innerspring mattresses, natural rubber mattresses, pet beds, furniture and baby bedding. Pure-RestTM products are available by calling 800.596.7450, through the website at and at select natural product stores and outlets throughout the U.S, Canada and several other countries.


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