NBJ Honors OrderDog's iPOS Point of Sale System

Natural Products Technology Leader Receives Product Merit Award for User-Friendly Hardware

LEWISVILLE, Texas, February 2, 2006 -- OrderDog(tm), Inc., a technology-based company that provides neutral and secure third party business-to-business services to increase supply chain efficiencies in the natural products industry, was awarded Nutrition Business Journal's (NBJ) 2005 product merit award for their iPOS(tm) Point of Sale system. The award will be presented to attending recipients in an official ceremony at the NBJ Newport Summit in Dana Point, Calif., July 26-28, 2006.

The iPOS Point of Sale system was designed to further simplify and enhance the technology and functions of the sales process by expanding upon features that are specifically useful for independent retailers. The compact, all-in-one unit features a touch-screen and high-speed networking capabilities. The product database automatically updates pricing, product availability, contact information, cost history/averages, and UPC and item identification numbers.

"We are pleased to receive NBJ's product merit award for our iPOS Point of Sale system," stated Richard MacKillop, CEO and co-founder of OrderDog, Inc.
"As the natural products supply chain becomes more complex and involved, we will continue to provide industry retailers with customized, award-winning hardware such as the iPOS."

Nutrition Business Journal, www.nutritionbusiness.com, is a research, publishing and consulting company serving the nutrition, natural products and alternative health care industries. The monthly, executive journal addresses how the nutrition industry impacts the larger food, pharmaceutical and health care industries. It also discusses business activities, market size/growth, trends and opportunities in the nutrition industry.

OrderDog, Inc., www.orderdog.com, is a web-based system that enables manufacturers and retailers to connect online 24 hours a day to order and sell goods. Servicing over 1,400 retailers and 250 suppliers across the United States, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, OrderDog has proven to be the industry's foremost expert on supply chain solutions.

For further information about OrderDog or the iPOS Point of Sale system, please contact Amanda Holty at 801-538-0777, ext. 106 or [email protected].

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