Purity Life Launches New Bilingual Vivitas(TM) Website

Innovation & integrity meet at www.vivitas.ca

Acton, ON: In October 2003, Purity Life Health Products launched a brand new website for VIVITASâ„¢, their line of supplements specially created for mass market distribution. The website, www.vivitas.ca, features both an 'In the News' and 'Where to Buy' section, and is available to consumers in either English or French versions. Kathleen Dills, Director of Marketing at Purity Life says, "We are so pleased to get this site up and running. It's beautiful, it's bilingual and it's a great way for us to educate consumers about our original line of products. Purity Life has an ongoing commitment to excellence, which ensures that Vivitasâ„¢ is one of today's highest quality and most innovative line of supplements in the Canadian marketplace."

Stylish packaging of VIVITASâ„¢ extends to new website
Consumers visiting the site can expect to see the same great design and colour contrasts that make Vivitasâ„¢ stand out on a store shelf. Plus, in keeping with the hip presentation of the product, visitors are welcomed to the site with a brief 'sound and movement' show. As new products are introduced into the Vivitasâ„¢ line, Purity Life will enhance the site with in-depth product information and a comprehensive retail guide.

Purity Life launched VIVITASâ„¢ into the Canadian marketplace in January 2003 with an initial offering of three exciting products, Coral Calcium, Phase 2â„¢ and Reloraâ„¢. The creation of Vivitasâ„¢, an original product for the mass market only, has been well received by Canadian consumers and mass market retailers alike.

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