2017 NBJ Direct to Consumer Report

Drawing the connections between what’s selling and how to make the link with consumers more possible and dependable.

This report provides the in-depth analysis of multi-level marketing, mail/direct response/internet channels, and practitioner channels that make up the direct to consumer supplement market. Plus: a comprehensive update on personalized nutrition and how it's poised to disrupt (yet stay firmly planted in) the direct to consumer space.

Smart internet companies are providing unprecedented transparency into what they sell, where it comes from and how it’s made. So, supplements can certainly be bought online, almost effortlessly, but do first-time sales of legitimate trend-setting products happen there? It’s a good question, but the better question might be how practitioners and MLMs hold onto those sales. In many ways the practitioner faces the same challenge that brick-and-mortar retail does.

Whether you're looking to succeed in this channel or need to keep track of its key players, the 2017 Direct to Consumer report presents the data, analysis, interviews and company profiles your company needs.

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A preview into the state of the Direct to Consumer supplement market


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