We believe that the future of our food system is in our hands - and that tomorrow really can be healthier than today if we join forces. But it doesn't come easy. We have a lot of work to do - work that requires us to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. This year, we've once again partnered with impassioned food suppliers and brands to spread the word about transparent and sustainable ingredient sourcing, healthy innovations and, most importantly, what's needed in order to get healthier products into the hands of all people.

Good Catch is Feeding the Good Food Future!

Innovation is helping to create sea change in the “seafood” biz. Just ask Feeding the Good Food partner, Good Catch. At Good Catch, we are culinary rebels with a cause. And we’re disrupting the seafood category, not the ocean’s natural resources.

Our master chefs pour their talents into crafting plant-based recipes that provide the taste experience of fine seafood and are made only with nutrient-rich, sustainable ingredients, including a five-bean blend that is packed with plant-based protein.

We strive to empower people who don’t eat seafood—whether for sustainability, health or ethical reasons—to enjoy amazing options, sans sacrifice. We believe that all food, and seafood specifically, should be smart, clean and delicious. Innovation has allowed us to achieve what was once thought to be impossible and prove that good food has no boundaries.

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Feeding the Good Food Future unites companies that are committed to a healthier tomorrow. Join the movement here.