Easy to swallow alternaVites™ multivitamin earns top retail awards

alternaVites™, the first ever multivitamin and mineral that instantly melts in the mouth, was just awarded 2 distinctions by the trade media. alternaVites won "The Best of 2010 New Product" by Vitamin Retailer and will receive Grocery Headquarters' "2011 Selling Wellness Trailblazer Award" for the Vitamin Category. alternaVites (http://www.alternaVites.com) is a patent pending formula that is revolutionizing the way consumers take their vitamins and the trade has noticed.

Unlike anything in the industry, when sprinkled on the tongue, alternaVites' great tasting multivitamin and mineral crystals melt quickly. This full-spectrum formula, which contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals, meets or exceeds the nutrient levels of national brands on the market.

Rich Vitamins LLC, a New York based product developer and marketer of alternaVites, wanted to give consumers—the 100 million Americans who have difficulty swallowing pills as well as those who prefer not to take them—a "non pill" option that isn't cumbersome like a traditional powder vitamin, is easy to take on the go, and tastes great.

"Our goal is to make dietary supplements available for everyone, even those of us who have difficulty swallowing pills," says Hallie Rich, founder of Rich Vitamins. "As someone who has never taken a vitamin because I can't swallow pills, I have been looking for something like this my whole life but was never able to find it. That's why I developed alternaVites—so that taking vitamins can be easy, and convenient, as well as enjoyable and beneficial."

The awards earned by alternaVites from Vitamin Retailer and Grocery Headquarters both recognize this product's unique and revolutionary nature. With over 90% of current vitamin options being capsules and tablets, consumers who hate swallowing pills are left with limited options including gummies, liquid vitamins, chewables, etc. However, unlike alternaVites, many of these tend to be low in potency and nutrients, high in sugar & artificial ingredients, bulky, and/or require mixing & preparation.

alternaVites' unique blend contains no sugar, no animal products or by-products, no artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives, and no chemicals commonly used to glue pills together. alternaVites has been carefully formulated with ingredients that do not contain major food allergens (including egg, milk, peanut, tree nuts, wheat, gluten, soy, fish and shellfish). Available in mixed berry flavor, alternaVites dissolves quickly in the mouth and leaves no after taste. Packaged in convenient take-along daily-dose packets, there is no need for water or for any preparation with alternaVites. Additionally, these individual packets easily fit into pants' pockets, briefcase or purse and are perfect for travelers and that on-the-go. alternaVites can even been blended into smoothies and shakes, or mixed into yogurts and puddings.

"Research has shown that consumers want to take vitamins but they're either intimidated by the size of the pill, always forgetting to take them, or just don't because vitamins haven't easily fit into their daily routine. With alternaVites, we think we've found the solution to these problems. There are no more excuses for not taking your vitamins," says Hallie Rich.

Consistent with the company's goals of helping to improve the health and well-being of consumers, Rich Vitamins will donate a portion of the proceeds from each sale of alternaVites to support cancer research and treatment. alternaVites is now available at http://www.alternaVites.com for $29.95 (one month's supply/30 daily dose packets).

For more information, please contact Joanna Goldstein at [email protected]

About Rich Vitamins
Rich Vitamins LLC was founded by Hallie Rich, the third generation in her family to be involved in the dietary supplement industry. Ms. Rich had never been able to benefit from supplements since she can't swallow pills. That is why she founded Rich Vitamins and developed alternaVites, a patent-pending quick melting vitamin that meets the needs of people just like her. alternaVites was just awarded "The Best of 2010 New Product" by Vitamin Retailer and will receive Grocery Headquarters' "2011 Selling Wellness Trailblazer Award" for the Vitamin Category. To learn more about Rich Vitamins and the alternaVites brand, log onto http://www.alternaVites.com.


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