Fenchem is expanding into Asian market

Fenchem will expand into Asian market with Malaysia office establishment in the coming 2011. There is strong growth potential in Asian market and especial in Southeast Asia. We are planning to strengthen our presence in Asia following USA and Europe.

It is our third oversea office after Fenchem Inc in USA and Fenchem EU in Czech Republic. New office will include a convenient warehouse to guarantee fast delivery service for local customers.

Fenchem is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing active ingredients with high bio-activity and safety, serving the dietary supplements and functional foods with history of about 15 years. Our products are of high quality and safety. From raw material purchasing, developing, manufacturing to quality testing, Fenchem develops a professional management system to control all stages which ensures our customers with tailor-made, well-researched ingredients to stand out in the marketplace. Furthermore, our R&D scientists and laboratory technicians give our customers much technical support on product applications, which will enable you to reduce the time-to-market cycle of new applications.

Our featured products include TOCOVET® IP certified natural vitamin E, HyaMax® sodium hyaluronate, In-fiber™ Organic Inulin, NeuVia™ Stevia Extract. Our HyaMax™ is the first commercial HA in the world with clinical evidence for uptake and distribution to connective tissues, which support the application of HA in dietary supplements or functional foods designed for joint and skin health.


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