Kraft Foods' Huddle to Fight Hunger enters the end zone

Throughout the football season, Kraft Foods (KFT 31.39, +0.51, +1.65%) has been encouraging Americans to join the Huddle to Fight Hunger, the largest branded hunger relief initiative in company history. The campaign was designed to achieve an important goal: give 20 million meals or more to Feeding America, the nation's leading hunger relief organization. Today Kraft Foods is excited to announce it has achieved a major milestone: the initiative has reached 18.5 million meals, which is 93 percent of the program's ambitious goal. Kraft Foods plans to donate the monetary equivalent of meals to Feeding America to secure meals on behalf of local food banks.

"We're thrilled that millions of Americans joined the fight against hunger," said Stephen Chriss, Senior Director, Corporate Scale & Marketing Partnerships, Kraft Foods North America. "We're hoping to celebrate the donation of 20 million meals—or more—during the first ever Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl on January 9, 2011, in San Francisco. But we need help to reach the end zone and encourage even more Americans to join the fight in the coming weeks."

Help us achieve our 20 million goal: Join the Huddle Today!

Kraft Foods has made it easy to join the huddle and generate meal donations for Feeding America. Following are six simple "plays" to get in the game:

Join the virtual huddle at and Kraft Foods will donate one meal to Feeding America.

Text the word "meals" and your zip code to 71717 and Kraft Foods will donate one meal to your local Feeding America food bank.

"Like" the Kraft Foods Facebook page and the company will donate one meal to Feeding America.

Upload a photo to the Kraft Foods Facebook page and Kraft Foods will donate 10 meals to Feeding America.

Watch a video from the Kraft Foods YouTube playlist and Kraft Foods will donate one meal to Feeding America.

Tweet with the hashtag #KraftFightsHunger and Kraft Foods will donate one meal to Feeding America.

Kraft Foods recently implemented two new plays to help generate additional meal donations for Feeding America. Americans can help score a touchdown in the fight against hunger on Facebook by playing a new game which asks participants to "pass" the ball to generate a meal donation. There is also a new game called the Kraft Fan Zone that will generate meal donations by Americans simply turning on their webcam and playing the game. To learn more, and to play both the Facebook pass and Kraft Fan Zone game, visit

Several of Kraft Foods' iconic brands have been key players in the huddle, including Kraft Macaroni & Cheese dinners, Oreo cookies, Ritz crackers, Planters nuts, Oscar Mayer meats, Maxwell House coffee, Kool-Aid beverages, Kraft cheese, Kraft Singles, Miracle Whip and Kraft Mayo.

Reality of Hunger in America

Unfortunately, hunger remains a serious issue in the United States. In fact, 50(1) million Americans, or one in six of our neighbors, don't always know where their next meal will come from. Fighting hunger is not new for Kraft Foods. As the nation's largest food company, it has partnered with Feeding America for decades to support their important mission. Feeding America provides meals to more than 37 million Americans annually through its network of more than 200 food banks and 61,000 agency partners.

About Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods is taking a stand when it comes to fighting hunger and promoting healthy lifestyles. The company and the Kraft Foods Foundation have donated more than $1 billion in cash and food to organizations since 1990. Most recently, the company reinforced its commitment by donating $180 million over a three-year period to community involvement activities around the globe.

Kraft Foods is building a global snacks powerhouse and an unrivaled portfolio of brands people love. With annual revenues of approximately $48 billion, the company is the world's second largest food company, making delicious products for billions of consumers in approximately 170 countries. The portfolio includes 11 iconic brands with revenues exceeding $1 billion—Oreo, Nabisco and LU biscuits; Milka and Cadbury chocolates; Trident gum; Jacobs and Maxwell House coffees; Philadelphia cream cheeses; Kraft cheeses, dinners and dressings; and Oscar Mayer meats. Approximately 70 brands generate annual revenues of more than $100 million. Kraft Foods (; NYSE: KFT) is a member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Standard & Poor's 500, Dow Jones Sustainability Index and Ethibel Sustainability Index.

About Feeding America

Feeding America provides low-income individuals and families with the fuel to survive and even thrive. As the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity, our network members supply food to more than37 million Americans each year, including14 million children and 3 million seniors. Serving the entire United States, more than 200 member food banks support 61,000 agencies that address hunger in all of its forms. For more information on how you can fight hunger in your community and across the country, visit

(1) U.S. Department of Agriculture's annual study measuring food security

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