Mineral Resources International, Inc. launches new mineral ingredients web site

Mineral Resources International, Inc. (“MRI”), a leading dietary supplement manufacturer and ingredient supplier of all-natural, solar-concentrated minerals and trace elements from Utah's Great Salt Lake, announced the launch of its new web site, http://www.mineralingredients.com.

The new web site features information about the company's premium, all-natural, branded sea mineral concentrates from Utah's Great Salt Lake as well as an overview of each product's capabilities, features, and benefits.

In addition, food manufacturers interested in sodium-reduction options may be interested in learning more about Forti Flavor™ as well as other ingredients from MRI that provide solutions that reduce sodium in foods while maintaining full flavor. Val John Anderson, Executive Vice-President and Director of Sales and Marketing for MRI, Inc. said, “At MRI, we view the salt issue holistically and reduce sodium in foods while maintaining flavor and balancing the electrolytes, which helps sodium to function better within the body. This also maintains more of the functional properties of the sodium in food while the sodium is reduced.”

“Mineral ingredients are very popular right now. Manufacturers are exploring innovative ways to make their products healthier or, as is the case with food companies, they want to significantly reduce the sodium in foods while maintaining flavor,” said Anderson. “Our goal with the new web site is to provide an online resource to food and supplement manufacturers to make information about MRI's mineral ingredients more accessible including the features and characteristics of our mineral ingredient formulas and suggested applications.”

To learn more, go to: http://www.mineralingredients.com. MRI's corporate web site is http://www.mineralresourcesint.com or call 1-800-731-7866 for more information.


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