New educational site focuses on science

Increased interest in marine nutrients like Fish Oil and Fucoidan has produced a need for consumer education and supplement access. A new site is a central information hub for Fucoidan, found in brown seaweed like limu moui. In an effort to localize the science, research and news regarding the marine nutrient, supplement company LIMU, is sponsoring the site as part of their commitment to advancing consumer access to Fucoidan supplements.

“As a Fucoidan-focused nutritional company, we are pleased to support a central source of accurate information on Fucoidan,” said LIMU Founder Gary Raser. “With over 857 studies on, it can be overwhelming for the average consumer to understand the studied benefits of Fucoidan. offers a one-stop source on the latest news and links to further consumer interest.”

The educational site references studies with particular focus on cell regeneration, cholesterol maintenance, immune system support, weight management and antioxidant abilities. Scrolling news updates provide links to other Fucoidan news and breaking updates around the world. Of particular note, is the ‘Funds for Fucoidan’ section, where researchers are invited to submit Fucoidan based projects for assistance from the site and LIMU. 

“Fucoidan based and other marine supplements are emerging in popularity due to their efficacious benefits,” said Raser. “Consumers should have the facts supported by credible research at their fingertips. LIMU has referenced the significant studies in our formation of an exclusive proprietary Fucoidan extract. This consistency ensures pure access to the world’s most pristine source of Fucoidan, from limu moui. We’re pleased that empowers all consumers with access to the Fucoidan health advantage.”

The educational site will continue to develop and host new information as it becomes available. Developers hope to offer a discussion forum where consumers can reveal their experiences with Fucoidan, the healthy source from the sea. is your source for science.

About LIMU™

LIMU is an established global nutritional company solely focused on marketing the rich health benefits of marine bioactive, Fucoidan. Employing a direct sales business model, LIMU continues to expand its network of Members across the globe, with tens of millions of dollars in commissions paid. Based in Florida, LIMU is an industry leading home-based business opportunity, helping people to enjoy a higher quality of life. For more information on LIMU and its exclusive Fucoidan product formulas, please visit

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