Total Nutraceutical Solutions inks pet distribution deal

Total Nutraceutical Solutions, Inc. (TNS) (OTCBB:TNUS), announced that TNS has entered into a Product Development and Licensing Agreement with FunGuys, LLC (d/b/a "D is for Dogs™") for distribution of a line of pet products to retail outlets in North America. This agreement will greatly contribute to the future success of TNS and its premier nutritional and well-being product line through entry into the consumer retail market via store shelves.

FunGuys intends to establish their products as brandleaders in the $34 billion pet products industry, which isexperiencing steady growth, but is fragmented with no clear brand leaders producing healthy organic nutraceutical pet products.

FunGuys was formed by Mark C. Wolf, 54 and Ryan D. Lentz, 35 to market pet products, under the brand "D is for Dogs™," which are composed primarily of organic natural whole mushroom foods, containing bioactive antioxidant nutrients, including Vitamin D, with potential health benefits for animals.FunGuys plans to introduce four initial products in categories Bone & Joint; Dental Health; Skin and Coat; and Immune System on store shelves in 2011. All products will be mushroom-based and enhanced with Vitamin D2.

The brand was created by Anton Kimball Design of Portland, Oregon, widely considered a leader in brand enhancement. Anton Kimball is also a principal of FunGuys and responsible for packaging, design services and store promotion. His clients include a "who's who" of Pacific Northwest companies including Nordstrom, JC Penney, Nabisco, Nike, Kraft Foods, Miller Brewing, The Disney Company and many more.

D is for Dogs™ will be marketed to consumers via the internet, and to animal care professionals, specialty pet stores, and natural health stores through regional distributors. It is expected that after the brand "D is for Dogs™" gains regional acceptance, large retail stores and discount chains will carry these products.

Co-founder Wolf, a successful businessman, has formed 19 prior companies over the past 30 years.Five of these companies were in the retail sector targeting specific products to consumers. Recently, Wolf and Lentz developed and continue to own community shopping centers and retail malls. Lentz is a former professional athlete and he has dedicated his life to healthy living.

Wolf states, "We are extremely excited by the opportunity to work with TNS and Dr. Hausman in the development of innovative mushroom-based pet products using leading-edge science backed by clinical trials and research. By choosing to build our products in cooperation with TNS, we utilize the finest science to make a true difference in the lives of pets and their owners."

"TNS continues to push an aggressive growth strategy, encompassing a growing portfolio of products into North American and international markets," stated Marvin S. Hausman MD, CEO, TNS."We believe that the TNS affiliation with FunGuys should make this expansion a success. The principals of FunGuys are proven leaders whose energy, focus and determination have made their companies successful. We look forward to what we will accomplish together."

About Total Nutraceutical Solutions, Inc.:

TNS, a global biotechnology leader in whole food mushroom research and development, focuses on discovering, focuses on discovering, formulating and marketing products composed primarily of organic natural whole mushroom foods, containing bioactive nutrients, such as L-Ergothioneine and Vitamin D, with potential health benefits. Our scientific strategy is to specialize in the development of production and analytic technologies for food and nutritional supplements mainly composed of mushrooms and their mycelial biomasses. Novel clinical models and biomarkers are used to show nutritional and clinical efficacy of our products. In addition to our novel preventative healthcare formulations and nutritional approaches for a wide variety of human conditions and illnesses, we are also involved in the development, acquisition and ownership of breakthrough nutritional tools and products in the fields of animal husbandry and livestock feeds.

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