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Maggie Garner

Cofounder, WatersonGarner

Maggie is cofounder of the boutique insights, innovation and strategy firm WatersonGarner. At the core of WatersonGarner is a drive to humanize business, uncovering and using real human stories to inspire breakthrough innovation and business results. WatersonGarner works with clients across many categories in consumer packaged goods, retail, health and technology. 

Prior to cofounding WatersonGarner, Maggie spent 13 years at Procter and Gamble in the consumer and market knowledge function, leading consumer research and developing new capability across dozens of product categories and geographies. She has worked across many consumer categories, and has deep experience in pharmaceuticals, women’s health, OTC health and durables/devices. Maggie led capability development and innovation in human insights and strategy development at Procter and Gamble, creating new ways of learning about people and using human understanding in strategy and innovation efforts.

Maggie’s Recent activity