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Zachary DeAngelo

CEO, Kolat Superfood

Zach DeAngelo is the CEO of Kolat Superfood, a fast-growing natural food company in Boulder, Colorado. Zach has had various leadership positions in the consumer space, but the common dominator among all his roles has been his passion for boundary-pushing brands that innately connect with consumers through product innovation, bold packaging and creative marketing. Before Kolat, Zach led sales for natural pet food company I and Love and You. Prior to that, he was COO (and first employee) of Little Duck Organics, a leader in the competitive organic kid snack category. Before Little Duck, Zach co-founded a gluten-free food company, which was awarded prestigious honors at MassChallenge and has distribution in over 1,000 stores. Zach holds a BS in Business from the University of Richmond and earned an MBA with honors at Babson College.

Zachary’s Recent activity