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Natural Products Expo

3 beauty brands supporting organic agriculture

regenerative beauty products
Responsible companies are committed to using their supply chains to have a positive impact on soil, seeds and climate.

“Farm-to-face” beauty isn’t a new concept—but it is an evolving one. A deep connection to nature has long been one of the drivers of interest in nontoxic personal care products. Yet companies at Natural Products Expo West showed how they're taking it to the next level by building out agricultural models that support more than clean beauty.

Responsible companies aren’t focused solely on marketing plant-based; they’re committed to using their supply chains to have a positive impact on soil, seeds and climate through organic farming. Here are a few standout companies showing what’s really beautiful about conscious business.

Moon Valley Organics uses its clean, simple, plant-based lotion and cleansing “bars” and lip balms to support the organic industry, growing ingredients on its certified organic permaculture farm and partnering with various artisan farmers, herbalists and beekeepers to ensure its line is good to the environment every step of the way.

NEXTY Award winner and incubator brand of L’Oreal Seed Phytonutrients launched this March at Expo West with a lofty goal: To protect heirloom seed varieties and support the farmers who grow them. With a rather large parent company and a clear and well articulated mission, the company does have true potential to have true impact.

Bodyceuticals believes that beauty products should be regenerative for both the skin and the environment. That’s why the company has been committed to growing calendula (regarded by herbalists as the “Mother of the Skin” on its own organic farm in the Pacific Northwest for 15 years. “Our focus is regenerative farming—it’s beyond sustainable farming, really regenerating the earth,” says Founder Angelique Saffle. The ingredient makes its way from the company’s farm into luscious facial and body salves, oils, creams and steams.


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