Natural Foods Merchandiser

5 new products for inner and outer beauty

Photos by Jen Olson

For decades, Japanese and European customers have eaten up beauty-supportive foods, beverages and supplements. Yet health-savvy U.S. shoppers hardly drank the Kool-Aid of early nutricosmetics’ bold marketing claims and less-than-nutritious delivery systems.

Though consumer skepticism presented a major barrier to early growth, today’s numbers are promising: 2010 nutricosmetics sales are estimated at $900 million, 6 percent over 2009, according to Nutrition Business Journal. Product quality continues to evolve as manufacturers focus on research and efficacy to meet the demands of “dark green” consumers. These shoppers are more likely to research a product before buying it, so earn their trust by stocking nutricosmetics with research-backed ingredients in efficacious doses. And because nutricosmetics don’t provide instant gratification, steer new customers toward brands that offer both topicals and ingestibles, which together can boost effectiveness—and visible results.

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