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Natural Foods Merchandiser

Hair styling

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At a glance
Natural hair product manufacturers combine a wide swath of ingredients to accomplish their tasks: taming frizz with natural, light oils like olive, peanut and rosemary that won’t weigh hair down; creating shine with silicone, a moisturizer derived from sand that forms a protective layer over the hair cuticle; boosting volume with B vitamins and proteins that add thickness while essential oils stimulate blood flow to the root of the hair; and keeping hair in place with multisugar biopolymers (derived from corn, for example) instead of petro-derived plastics.

Ingredients to look for
Vitamin B/Panthenol
Sugar-based polymers

Spotlight on: Head Organics

Tommy Dionisio, CEO of Carson, Calif.-based Head Organics, talks about Head’s commitment to naturals.

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Editors’ picks
Giovanni Shine of the Times: Giovanni’s silica-based super-shine-inducing mist contains certified organic ingredients, is not tested on animals, contains no animal derived by-products and is biodegradable.

HEAD Organics Styling Wax: Green and white tea extracts combine with aloe vera and certified organic essential oils to provide antioxidant cleansing that boosts moisture retention.

Shikai Color Reflect Shine Serum: Shikai’s specially formulated Heliogenol, a concentrated sunflower extract, helps this serum promote shine and protect the hair from sun damage. No animal ingredients or testing.

John Masters Organics Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray with Lavender: This spray uses natural sea salt to add the texture and body that comes with a day at the beach. Certified organic lavender normalizes the scalp and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Jason Hi-Shine Styling Gel: This gel uses essential oils, plant and flower extracts and provides natural sunscreens for UV protection. Use on wet hair for a firm look, or on dry hair for texture and shape.

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