Healthy skin makes for healthy profits

Healthy skin makes for healthy profits

Consumers may be aging, but they're not in their decline. Americans want to look and feel beautiful longer—and they aren't clamoring for more botox. The nutricosmetic market, well-established in Europe and Japan, is finally taking off in the U.S. and experts project the growth won't slow anytime soon.

Pretty is as pretty does. But what if your actions are less than beautiful? In that case, pretty is as pretty eats. Or drinks. Or slathers.

The nutricosmetic, or “beauty from within,” category is changing the face of everything from acne to sunburn. Skin health ingredients that can be added to foods, drinks, supplements or topical products are gaining in popularity, according to a new report by Global Industry Analysts. GLA forecasts the global nutricosmetics market will reach $4.24 billion by 2017—a healthy increase from the $1.5 billion The Kline Group valued the market at in 2007.

GLA believes growing urbanization, aging populations, greater spending power and “the need to look youthful and attractive through safe and natural methods” is spurring interest in nutricosmetics. “In addition, the concept of ‘beauty from within’ is rapidly becoming a catch phrase, with consumers the world over growing more health conscious and emphasizing total wellness and health rather than just external beauty,” GLA researchers report.

Although nutricosmetics are traditionally targeted at females age 40 or older, women as young as 25 are becoming interested, GLA reports. The rise in well-groomed metrosexual men is also making guys a critical target segment with plenty of room to grow, since  male nutricosmetic products are currently geared mainly to hair loss.

Europe, particularly France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain, is the largest worldwide nutraceutical market, according to GLA. Japan has embraced nutricosmetics for years and is considered a mature market. The fledgling U.S. market has great potential, GLA says, with a forecasted compound annual growth rate of more than 14 percent through 2017.

Antioxidants, flavonoids and phenolic acids have received considerable attention as nutricosmetic ingredients. Here’s a look at other buzzworthy ingredients in the skin health category.


Impatient Americans are used to slapping on a cream and seeing quick results, so they need some convincing that an ingested nutricosmetic will actually be effective, says Suhail Ishaq, president of BioCell Technology, which makes BioCell Collagen II. One way to ease them into the beauty-from-within concept is through a combination of a topical cosmetic and a nutricosmetic supplement. That’s why Collagen II—a mix of bioactive collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate—is offered in cosmetic and supplement grades.

Ishaq believes skeptical U.S. consumers also need scientific substantiation that ingestible beauty products really do have antiaging or other skin benefits. BioCell Vice President of Scientific Affairs Joosang Park, Ph.D., reports that “studies strongly suggest that the beauty-from-within approach can be more effective than topical alone, even if it takes longer before a consumer experiences improved skin health.”

Park says a new human clinical trial found that women who ingested Collagen II daily for 12 weeks had significant reduction of facial lines and wrinkles through the enhancement of hydration, collagen content and blood microcirculation. Full data on the trial has not yet been released.


The bark of the French maritime pine tree, trademarked as Pycnogenol, was recently the subject of a German study that showed how it’s involved in skin physiology. Previous studies have shown that Pycnogenol significantly improves visible signs of skin aging, fights damage from ultraviolet radiation, and increases skin elasticity and hydration. This latest study, which is scheduled to be published this year, involved women who ingested Pycnogenol for 12 weeks. The women agreed to have biopsy skin samples taken for laboratory examination.

Researchers found that the samples showed stimulated collagen synthesis and a 40 percent increase in the generation of hyaluronic acid synthase. This enzyme synthesizes hyaluronic acid, which binds to moisture in the skin to reduce signs of aging and help the skin look healthier. “No other ingredient has been shown to elevate hyaluronic acid generation in human skin,” says Frank Schonlau, scientific director for Horphag Research, the exclusive supplier of Pycnogenol and conductor of the study. 

Condition Specific Directory

Skin Health

Naturally Sourced Vitamin E

BioCell Technology, LLC
BioCell Collagen II
Patented dietary ingredient substantiated by multiple clinical trials for joint and skin benefits. Containing highly bioavailable hydrolyzed collagen, low molecular weight (MW) hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulphate, it provides a multi-layered support for healthy joint and counteracts both natural and photoaging processes in the skin.  

BioCell Collagen II CG-WS
Cosmetic-grade, water-soluble, topical formulation of BioCell Collagen II. Collagen-derived peptides and low MW HA are provided to enhance skin beauty via supplying both building blocks of skin structure and bioactive molecules that inhibits hyaluronidase. Dermatologist-reviewed and hypoallergenic.

Freeze-dried powder of Wasabia japonica. It is rich in isothiocyanates (ITC) which induce Nrf2, a master switch for cytoprotective enzymes, providing antioxidant, liver-detoxifying, and Cox2-specific anti-inflammatory properties. This novel nutraceutical is the most potent Wasabia japonica available, containing 15,000 ppm ITC.
[email protected]
Newport Beach, California, USA

Chrysantis, Inc
Zeaxanthin, Lutein

Cyanotech Corporation
Bioastin Hawaiian Astaxanthin

Draco Natural Products
Blue Honeysuckle Berry, Japanese Elm, Sanguisorba

Multiple studies validate the benefits of natural carotenoids like Lyc-O-Mato®, a natural tomato lycopene, in mitigating and preventing the damaging effects of UVA and UVB radiation from sunlight on the skin.
[email protected]
Orange, New Jersey, USA

Mushroom Wisdom Inc.
GMX Fraction

Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.
Injuv Softgels
A naturally derived hyaluronic acid complex for skin and joint health with proven absorption and bioavailability. A proprietary enzyme-cleaving technique allows it to have a low molecular weight for the highest possible absorption. Clinically shown to increase skin smoothness and firmness. Helps skin and joints stay hydrated from the inside out.
[email protected]
800-360-7431 or 323-726-0700
Los Angeles, California, USA

Telos Ceuticals, LLC
[email protected]
Walled Lake, Michigan, USA


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