Join industry experts for 2 days of inner beauty insights

How might a marketer unlock the potential of the nutricosmetics market? What are the best formulation avenues to pursue to entice customers? Attend the NutriCosmetic Summit for answers.

The beauty-from-within market is growing worldwide, and is starting to gain steam in the U.S. The potential is huge: Nutrition Business Journal reported that nutricosmetics posted a respectable seven percent annual growth in 2009, while the core market was approaching $1 billion in total sales.

NutriCosmetic SummitThis is just a fraction of the penetration of more mature markets like Japan, where a product can simply list “collagen” and keyed-in consumers will buy based on name alone, sans any health claims.

So how might a marketer unlock this potential? What are the best formulation avenues to pursue to entice customers? And what special regulatory challenges will arise as companies try to educate the (still somewhat clueless) North American market on the benefits of nutricosmetics?

The NutriCosmetic Summit debuted last year at a day in length. The 2011 summit, which takes place on June 22 and 23 at the Renaissance Hotel in Las Vegas, has expanded to a day and a half to better cover this expanding field, with sessions on regulatory issues, breaking science, marketing, trends and business issues.

Keynote speaker: Dr. Howard Murad

Dr. Howad Murad has forged a reputation as one of the most forward-thinking dermatologists in the U.S. Dr. Murad is one of the pioneers of the nutricosmetic concept. For example, he identified cellulite as a cellular problem of the skin – not as an issue of excess fat – and recommends a variety of nutrients to combat the issue systemically. Dr. Murad has founded a line of branded skincare and has consulted with Hollywood celebrities on dermatology issues. He is also the author of the books Wrinkle-Free Forever and The Cellulite Solution.

Datamonitor and Nutrition Business Journal will hold a session each on marketing and trends. International CEOs will impart their knowledge of the business via a panel, and attendees will have a chance to interact with a panel of experts.

Sessions will include a regulatory series that will cover current areas of focus by regulators, marketing sessions and talks on developing science.

The NutriCosmetic Summit is co-located with the Natural Products Association MarketPlace show and the World Tea Expo, both of which take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center on June 23-25.


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