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Nail polish

At a glance
Conventional nail polishes use petrochemical solvents like xylene and toluene to prevent chipping, formaldehyde as a preservative and phthalates as a plasticizer. While natural, chemical-free polishes have been a long time in the making, several companies are now producing water-based nail paints that last almost as long as conventional polishes. They use mineral pigments and sugar-based polymers to create a thick, colorful coating that can be removed with a simple hot-water soak.

Ingredients to look for
Sugar-based polymers

COMING SOON-Spotlight on: Honeybee Gardens
Honeybee Gardens Founder Melissa Hertzler shows off just how nontoxic her company’s nail lacquer is.

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Editors’ picks
No Miss Glitter Polish: This water-based formula combines nitrocellulose, vitamin A and natural vanilla fragrance to create a toxin-free polish. Remove with No Miss’s fruit-acid solvent Polish Remover.

Suncoat Water-Based Nail Polish: Suncoat uses sugar-based polymers to enhance thickness and natural pigments--in 33 shades. Take off the color with plant-derived oils in Suncoat’s Nail Polish Remover.

Honeybee Gardens WaterColors Nail Enamel: These enamels made from acrylic, polyurethane and nonionic soaps are reportedly safe enough to eat. Polishes are available in 21 shades, and can be removed with rubbing alcohol or even vodka.

Acquarella Nail Polish: Available in 22 water-based shades, these fast-drying polishes are totally vegan.

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