New Product Release - Eaternal Soapnut Detergent Sachets

Lyndhurst Naturals a BC distributor and broker of environmentally friendly products announces the introduction to the North American market of a new organic, environmentally friendly, laundry, dishwasher and general household cleaning product called Eaternal Soapnut Natural Detergent.

Eaternal Soapnut detergent comes in single dose sachet form with 30 sachets to each carton.

Eaternal Soapnut detergent is USDA certified organic and is:

• Easy to use – perfect for use in the washing machine, dishwasher or as a general household detergent;
• Environmentally friendly;
• Hypoallergenic;
• Gentle on fabrics;
• Cleans and softens clothes without using harsh chemicals.

Soapnuts are the fruits of the Soapnut tree which grow in India. These fruits contain a natural soap substance called saponins which, when dissolved in water, create mild soap suds which have excellent detergent properties and can easily replace traditional household chemical based detergents which are harmful to the environment and which cause allergies.

Eaternal Soapnut detergent effectively removes dirt and dissolves oils from clothes and household surfaces in a natural, environmentally friendly way.

Eaternal Soapnut detergent is available in Canada through Horizon Distributors, EcoIdeas, Corwin Distribution, Tara Natural, PSC Distributors and Christmas Natural Foods.

For further details please see or contact [email protected] Tel 604 904 7574

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