Symrise helps superfruits make crossover into cosmetics

Germany-based Symrise has launched a range of 'superfruit' ingredients for use in cosmetic applications. Marketed under the Actipone Superfruit brand, the new range will include extracts from sources such as goji berries, pomegranate, blueberries and cranberries. The ingredients are designed for anti-oxidant-rich skin and hair care products such as shampoos and body lotions.

Joachim Röding, global head of cosmetic ingredients at Symrise, said: "Superfruits' excellent characteristics and their stunning success in the food and beverage sector are convincing arguments for integrating them into skin and hair care products. Even though superfruits were almost unknown to the public a few years ago, today they are part of the modern lifestyle of many consumers. Consumers know about superfruits' positive effects and will also appreciate them in cosmetic products."

There were good reasons why superfruits enjoyed such a great popularity, he added. "They are extremely rich in nutrients and possess excellent antioxidant effects. They bind free radicals, which helps to prevent premature skin ageing."

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