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3 new ways to get your probiotics fix

3 new ways to get your probiotics fix
Lifeway Foods launches veggie, oat-enriched and stevia-sweetened kefir varieties at Natural Products Expo West.

Looking for new ways to get your daily dose of immunity-building probiotics? Top kefir manufacturer Lifeway Foods Inc. (NASDAQ: LWAY) has developed three new varieties of its dairy-based kefir "smoothie" that deliver a trio of fresh choices for drinking to your health. The new veggie, oat-enriched and stevia-sweetened kefir lines will be released this spring in 10 flavors created specifically for the new formulations—the better to start your day, have a guilt-free snack, or add a probiotic boost to any meal.

The latest additions to Lifeway's collection of kefir products were previewed at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Calif. Offering all-natural, 99 percent lactose-free, naturally gluten-free goodness with 12 probiotic cultures in every sip, the newest Lifeway kefirs are:

  • Lifeway Veggie Kefir – a savory alternative to fruit-flavored kefirs that lets you drink your probiotics and your veggies at the same time. This new blend of vegetables juices and kefir delivers one full serving of vegetables as well as the full nutritional kick of kefir in every 8-ounce glass. It comes in Tomato, Cucumber and Beet varieties that burst with garden-fresh flavor—no sugar or salt added. Available in 8-ounce individual bottles and four-packs.
  • Lifeway Kefir with Oats – a fiber bonanza featuring 1.5 grams of soluble oat powder that packs the nutritional punch of oatmeal—without the cooking! With a smooth texture and a hint of oat flavor plus 11 grams of complete protein, this "oat kefir" offers a choice of breakfast-friendly Blueberry Maple, Apple Cinnamon and Vanilla Plum flavors for a complete on-the-go breakfast or a great midday pick-me-up. Available in 8-ounce individual bottles and four-packs.
  • Lifeway Perfect 12 Kefir sweetened with stevia – a perfect choice for diabetics or those watching their sugar intake. With 12 probiotic cultures and 12 grams of carbs, the line features all-natural sweetening with no-calorie stevia leaf extract and no added sugar, 110 calories per serving, and four flavors inspired by dessert favorites: Orange Cream, Apple Pear Cobbler, Triple Berry Tart and Key Lime Pie. Available in 32-ounce bottles.

"As the popularity of probiotics and kefir continues to climb, there's room in the market for new permutations that provide variety as well as appealing to consumers with different nutritional needs and priorities," said Julie Smolyansky, president and CEO of Lifeway Foods. "These three new lines deliver imaginative new formulations and flavors that offer innovative solutions for healthy meals and snacking."

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