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Animal Nutrition Company Launches All Natural Supplement That Repels Harmful Insects

SAN CLEMENTE, CA, Oct 12, 2006 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- San Clemente-based StableKare, an equestrian well-being specialty manufacturer today announced the launch of its new all-natural-ingredient, garlic-based insect repellant. The nutritional supplement, marketed under the brand name Garli-Eze(TM), is a breakthrough in the prevention of biting from irritating and disease carrying flies, mosquitoes and other insects.

Garlic has long been used as an ancient remedy for a variety of ailments and has been extensively investigated both scientifically and clinically for its antibiotic and anti-hyperlipidemic activities and has proven to be a natural and safe insect repellant for horses and other livestock. During the 1940s scientists isolated the active ingredient in garlic that is responsible for these benefits. This compound is called allicin. Until recently, allicin was not commercially investigated because of its inherent instability, foul smell and inability to be absorbed into the bloodstream without its natural garlic clove.

Typically, once garlic is crushed, the measurable allicin compounds begin to degrade immediately. Only Garli-Eze has been able to stabilize and standardize the allicin content and buffer the garlic granules so it can be delivered into the digestive tract with no noticeable degradation to the active ingredient.

There are other equestrian garlic powders in the marketplace, but none have the performance properties of Garli-Eze. Utilizing a patented mixture of high-allicin garlic and precise buffering agents, Garli-Eze is the world's first garlic supplement that independent studies have revealed yields 37 times more allicin activity than plain garlic powder.
"We knew a garlic-based product would be a good offering for us, considering our dedication to manufacture using only all-natural ingredients. In the past, the challenge had been to deliver an allicin dose sufficient for a large animal to benefit. The amount of fresh garlic gloves needed would be difficult and cumbersome to feed to horses or livestock. So with Garli-Eze's concentrated allicin content, and the fact that our scientists developed a reduced odor formulation, we believe equestrians who really care will give it a try," stated company President Lisa Alley-Zarkades.

Garli-Eze has performed remarkably well in regional trials in southern California, where fly infestation can be brutal. "Because our allicin content is equal to that of freshly chewed garlic, our product has proven to be highly effective in a variety of environments," said Alley-Zarkades. "Many animal lovers have long known the benefits of garlic, but now we believe our formula simply works better, and our price point ensures a super value for owners."

Garli-Eze is available in 1-pound re-sealable foil pouches, which typically provides a 90-day supply for an average size horse. "As horse owners ourselves, we know what a hassle it is to store and handle big 5-pound drums of supplements. Garli-Eze is so much more convenient and cost-effective to feed," Alley-Zarkades noted.

With the traditional fly season concluding and winter rapidly approaching, the use of pest preventative products historically decreases. However, because of its inherent values, Garli-Eze could actually be an effective animal supplement for year-round use. "The fly season really never ends in Florida, Texas and California, but it does peak in summer," said Shelly Martin, a world-champion equestrian from California and StableKare V.P. "Our clinical trials have shown that regular ingestion of garlic can not only be effective for pest prevention, but as a positive factor to an animal's overall health and well being," Martin said.

Garli-Eze is currently available for purchase via the Internet ( and will soon be available at finer feed and tack stores throughout southern California. The product will also be featured at the upcoming Equine Affaire Show in Pomona, CA.

About StableKare:
Founded in 2005, StableKare Brands, a division of DogEquine, LLC, is dedicated to consistently manufacturing and marketing safe and effective companion animal supplements and food components that are scientifically formulated, using only natural ingredients. The company's board has mandated that a considerable percentage of net profits be returned to the community by way of monetary support for animal recovery centers in the USA. For more information about StableKare visit

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