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Chocolate Goji Treats Packaged In Sustainable Film - NatureFlex(TM)

Innovia Films’ biodegradable packaging material, NatureFlex™, is helping a raw snack food company – Superfood Snacks - to fulfill its ideal for natural eco-friendly sustainable bags to package their first product, Chocolate Goji Treats. They are a synergistically balanced fusion of some of the world’s most nutritious ancient superfoods and specialty ingredients, including Goji berries, Raw Cacao, Maca Root and sundried Vanilla Bean.

Superfood Snacks will also use its signature NatureFlex™ design for two new flavors to be launched later this month. Superfood Snacks uses a range of pure, raw and organic fair-trade ingredients in all their flavors of raw chocolate Superfood truffles, which not only provide superior nutritional benefits, but also an out of this world guilt-free tasty treat.

Adam Collins, founder of Superfood Snacks says:
“Superfood Snacks felt that this special organic raw product needed packaging that was in alignment with the integrity of the company’s visions. One that was natural, sustainable and biodegradable was our goal. We invested extensive time and effort in developing this optimum pack and NatureFlex™ has fulfilled all our objectives. We are now considered the pioneers in sustainable printed packaging for food.”

The bags have been created to ensure the product remains in perfect condition and are made from metallized NatureFlex™ laminated to high gloss transparent NatureFlex™ film. This creates the final structure to encase the original raw chocolate Superfood energizing snack.

NatureFlex™ NM is a unique cellulose-based film, manufactured from renewable wood pulp and metallized in-house. It is the only metallized biodegradable film suitable for home composting because the level of metal is so small – less than 0.02% - which slows the film’s degradation by a matter of days but does not interfere with its biodegradability in any other way. Modified coatings ensure excellent metal lay-down and adhesion providing a very high moisture barrier with a transmission rate of less than 10 g/m²/day (30degC, 90% RH). It is this high barrier that ensures the Chocolate Goji Treats and future flavors remain in premium condition.

NatureFlex™ has good dimensional stability, inherent anti-static properties, is resistant to oils and greases while providing a good barrier to gases and aromas. The film has a high level of ink receptivity and can be printed using solvent based, water based or UV inks. In addition, the films controlled slip properties ensure easier conversion.
All NatureFlex™ films are cellulose based, derived from renewable wood pulp and are certified to meet both the European EN13432 and American ASTM D6400 standards for compostable packaging. The wood-pulp is sourced from managed plantations from referenced suppliers operating Good Forestry principals (FSC or equivalent). NatureFlex™ films typically have a renewable biobased content of some 95% by weight of material.

“NatureFlex™ films offer many advantages”, says Malcolm Cohn, Innovia Films’ Market Manager, Americas and adds that:
“They are not only biodegradable and compostable for those packer processors keen to use sustainable packaging but also have a technical performance second to none. Congratulations to Adam Collins of Superfood Snacks for his vision, passion and drive to align his packaging message with the spirit of his product marketing, by providing caring consumers with a biodegradable, naturally-based packaging material.”


For further information contact:
Patricia Potts, Global Communications Manager or Zena Bergmann, PR Assistant at:
Innovia Films Ltd, R & D Centre, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 9XX, UK Tel: +44 (0) 16973 42281 Fax: +44 (0) 16973 41452 Email:
Malcolm Cohn, Market Manager-Americas, Innovia Films Ltd Tel: +1 (770) 818 3008 Email:

For more information on Superfood Snacks Inc, log on to

NatureFlex™ is a registered trademark of Innovia Films Group.

Innovia Films Ltd, is a major producer of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) and cellulose (Cellophane™) films with production sites in the UK, USA, Belgium and Australia.

It holds a leading global position in the markets for labels and security films, coated packaging, overwrap and biodegradable and compostable films under the brand-name NatureFlex™, employing some 1,400 people worldwide.

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