Danisco and DuPont Qualicon Strengthen Natural Food Safety

Danisco and DuPont Qualicon have joined forces in the US to enhance natural food safety and shelf life extension. Drawing on patented protective cultures from Danisco and an award-winning detection system from DuPont Qualicon, the companies are exploring a potential tool for the early and accurate prediction of shelf life in naturally protected dairy products.

The principles for shelf life prediction were confirmed by an extensive joint study guided by Dr Robert F. Roberts of Penn State University.

Using nearly 500 samples, the study found that Danisco’s HOLDBAC® YM protective cultures gave fresh fermented dairy products significantly longer protection against yeast and mould than other solutions, even under challenging conditions. At the same time, the DuPont Qualicon BAX® System PCR Assay for screening yeast and mould was seen to detect mould up to 14 days earlier than other standard methods. The use of both solutions makes it possible to prolong product life while maintaining an all-natural positioning.

Improved brand image
‘The joint expertise of Danisco and DuPont Qualicon is the perfect recipe for securing added customer value,’ says David Charest, food protection vice president at Danisco. ‘Our Care4U™ platform for natural food protection solutions and DuPont Qualicon's rapid PCR-based detection goes beyond securing a longer shelf life. It is also about improving the image of our customers’ brands through reduced consumer complaints and broader consumer perceptions of enhanced quality.’

Growing demand
Consumer interest in natural solutions is reflected in the global USD 1.28 billion food protectant market, where natural food protectants currently account for 25%*. At 6-8%, the annual growth rate for natural food protectants is twice that of the food protection sector in total.

The DuPont Qualicon detection system provides reliable confirmation that HOLDBAC® YM is an effective natural food safety tool.

‘The BAX® system is a fast and accurate method for detecting not only pathogens but also spoilage organisms in food. We are pleased to collaborate with Danisco to supplement the benefits of our system with a proven range of protective cultures,’ says Ravi Ramadhar, Business Development Director, DuPont Qualicon.

World Wide Food Expo
Dr Larry Steenson, senior principal food protection scientist at Danisco, will present the latest research results with HOLDBAC® and the collaboration with DuPont Qualicon at the World Wide Food Expo IDFA Concurrent Session in Chicago on 29 October.

*Danisco estimates

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