Danisco Healthy Snacks for the Whole Family

Elmsford, New York, July 9, 2007 – Because we now lead such busy lives, traditional meal breaks are often replaced by on-the-go snacks. With this in mind, Danisco has developed a range of revolutionary snack bar products intended to meet four lifestyle situations with specific benefits, without compromising the exceptional taste and texture required for commercial success.

Something for everyone
The nutrition bar was initially introduced as a performance enhancer for athletes, but today the concept of health, nutrition and well-being has led to a whole new and comprehensive range of convenience products for the entire family.

School’s Out Snack Bar for Youngsters
Ideal for the school lunchbox or as an afternoon pick-me-up, Danisco’s School’s Out Bar is a healthier alternative snack for young people, helping to maintain alertness and stamina. The bar is packed with all the goodness of fruit, cereal and nuts, and features reduced sugar with added minerals and vitamins. School’s Out also contains Litesse® polydextrose, a proven soluble dietary fiber and prebiotic that improves digestive health and well-being.

Amazon Snack Bar for the Woman Balancing Family and Home
This bar supplies the energy boost that is often needed for women who are balancing family responsibilities and a career. It’s a rewarding treat that can help them get through the day. Formulated with Litesse® and lactitol for digestive health, this bar contains fruit and cereal with delicious white chocolate.

Hercules Snack Bar for the Busy Male
To maintain optimal performance, the nutritious Hercules Snack Bar has been formulated to give the busy male the energy to get through long, stressful days at the workplace. The bar contains 12 vitamins and minerals, plus saw palmetto berry extract, as well as Litesse®, the proven ingredient for digestive health and well-being.

Focus Snack Bar for Concentration
Made from a rich, soft chocolate nougat topping on a layer of fruit, nuts and cereals, the Focus Snack Bar was formulated to help busy people stay clear headed and maintain concentration. The added ingredient of Litesse® offers a digestive health benefit and is a low glycemic, immediate and long term energy source.

Ingredients with health benefits
Danisco ingredients are helping food companies worldwide to provide consumers with many health benefits without relinquishing the pleasures of great taste. The Danisco portfolio of ingredients includes low calorie, sugar free and low glycemic specialty carbohydrates that are high in fiber, with prebiotic attributes.

For a snack bar demo kit, or further information about formulating healthier snacks, please contact [email protected] or visit www.danisco.com/sweeteners

For other information, visit www.litesse.com or contact Donna Brooks, at 1-800-255-6837 x2521or you may also contact Maria Garvey, Delfino Marketing Communications at 914-747-1400 or send an email to [email protected].

Editors Note: To download the text of this release in digital format, or to access high-resolution digital images such as the one shown below, go to: www.delfino.com/newsroom-DaniscoSweeteners.

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With 10,500 employees in more than 40 countries, Danisco is one of the world's leading suppliers of food ingredients, sugar and industrial bioproducts. Based on our technology platform we use nature's own raw materials and resources to develop and produce ingredients for food and other products used in everyday life. Danisco ingredients are used in about every second ice cream and cheese, every third box of detergent and every fourth loaf of bread produced globally.

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