Dunkin' Donuts pulls drinks in salmonella concern

Dunkaccinos and hot chocolate sales were temporarily suspended this week after Dunkin' Donuts learned equipment used at a supplier's facility might have been contaminated with salmonella.

The Canton, Mass.-based company said Tuesday none of its products was contaminated and the withdrawal of the beverages from its stores was a precaution to ensure customer safety. It has about 6,400 franchised restaurants in the United States and says it serves 3 million customers a day.

Plainview, Minn., supplier Plainview Milk Products Cooperative announced it had voluntarily recalled its instant nonfat dried milk and whey protein because of potential salmonella bacteria contamination within the plant. Plainview began contacting clients last week to inform them of the recall.

As Functional Ingredients reported on June 30 salmonella contamination has not been discovered for Plainview ingredients at the actual facility but rather only in DairyShake mixes, which contain as many as nine other ingredients from other sources. As of press time, there are no reported illnesses.

Dunkin' Donuts says it expects to resume hot chocolate and Dunkaccino sales shortly. The chain sells 52 types of doughnuts and more than a dozen coffee drinks.

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