Functional ingredients industry chatter

The future is bugged
"If I were going to give other food companies advice on what to do with wellness, I'd concentrate on dairy. Dairy is going to be huge. That's the first thing. Probiotics."

— Glenn S Armstrong, PhD, vice president of corporate/business innovations for Alticor, and leader of Alticor's Growth Through Innovation initiative

Fast and functional
"How about a healthier hamburger that also tastes great? You could swap out some of the saturated fats in the burger with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. … You now have a burger that is better for your heart. Now, I didn't call it a 'healthy' burger, but for someone who eats fast food five to seven times a week — those most prone to heart problems and diabetes — this will go a long way toward improving their condition."

— Hank Cardello, author, Stuffed: An Insider's Look at Who's Really Making America Fat (Ecco, 2009)

Get real
"It's time for our industry to take a responsible stance on weight management. ... As an industry,we need to approach weight management in a different way: as a lifestyle/behavioural change in which supplementation plays the role of facilitator when used with proper diet and exercise."

— Bob Green, president, Nutratech, supplier of Advantra Z thermogenic weight-loss supplement

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