Galam Group FIE Preview

Galam Group will present in the incoming FIE in London a large scope of health ingredients through its subsidiaries.

Galam ltd. has for years been the leading supplier of non-GMO Crystalline Fructose (Fruitose®) in Europe. Fruitose® is the sweetest natural sugar characterized by a low glycemic index (GI) making it the sweetener of choice for manufacturers of health food and beverages. Moreover, Fruitose® enhances flavor perception and helps masking bitterness of artificial sweeteners.

Galam's presence in Europe has been strengthen recently through its subsidiary, Eurosweet, an innovative and flexible manufacturer that provides liquid sweet blends for the food and beverage industries.

NutraGal, a member of Galam Group, is a nutraceutical company focusing on developing innovative solutions for mineral fortification. The company proposes instantly soluble calcium supplement – Nutracal, as well as a full range of mineral gluconates and lactates under the NutraNate brand.

NutraCal is the only Calcium source that , thanks to its specific attributes (45% solubility, neutral taste and stability), can enable the formulation of beverages and premixes providing 50 % RDA of highly bioavailable calcium in "one shot" .

NutraGal provides also tailored-made blends upon request.

Galam Group integrates also Enzymotec, a biotechnology company providing a unique and better value proposition of emerging lipid-based ingredients such as DHA, PS, or plant-sterols, developing new bio-functional ingredients for targeting functional foods, dietary supplements, and infant formula applications.

Booth no. G 90 – South Hall

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