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Glanbia launches Greek yogurt powder

Glanbia launches Greek yogurt powder
Patent-pending OptiSol 106 adds the distinct, authentic flavor and health halo of Greek yogurt to a wide range of food and beverage applications.

Glanbia Nutritionals has launched OptiSol® 1061 Greek Yogurt Powder in the Americas. OptiSol 1061 is a patent-pending ingredient that adds the distinct, authentic flavor and health halo of Greek yogurt to a wide range of food and beverage applications. Affording the powerful health advantage of 60 percent protein—the highest in a yogurt powder on the market—the ingredient creates new application opportunities for Greek yogurt and protein inclusions.

With the Greek yogurt trend riding high, OptiSol 1061 appeals to the soaring consumer base seeking Greek-style items and high protein sources for healthy diets. The Grade A, rBST-free ingredient is made directly from Greek yogurt, allowing authentic on-pack messaging. It also delivers a clean label positioning with an ingredient declaration of”cultured skim milk, milk protein concentrate,” as well as high levels of calcium, potassium, phosphorous and other milk minerals, plus only five percent fat.

Thanks to its health benefits, authentic flavor and convenient dry form, OptiSol 1061 can be included in a multitude of applications, such as fresh dairy products, beverages, bars, cereals, desserts, sauces and dressings. It offers minimal viscosity impact in drinkable yogurts for a better organoleptic experience and can also be used in the core, layers and coatings of nutritional bars.

A shelf-stable and cultured ingredient, OptiSol 1061 helps to improve texture, flavor and formulation processes. In addition, the ingredient’s powder format facilitates easy incorporation into recipes, as well as straightforward distribution and storage.

“Consumer awareness of, and therefore demand for, high-protein products with an authentic Greek-style flavor has increased in the last couple of years,” comments Vicky Fligel, business development manager of functional dairy at Glanbia Nutritionals. “Greek yogurt in particular has experienced sustained success thanks to its low fat, high protein, low sugar and minimally processed profile. With OptiSol 1061, this sought-after Greek health halo can enhance a wider range of product images for a convenient and flavorsome nutrition boost.”


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