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The Grass is Greener – New Bulk Size Organic Green Superfood Powders

Amazing Grass is making it more economical for people to achieve optimal nutrition. The company has announced a new discount bulk-size package for their four popular varieties of Wheat Grass and Green SuperFood powders. Each new 17-ounce jar of Green SuperFood ($47.99), Organic Wheat Grass ($42.99), Kidz SuperFood ($42.99) and Green Chocolate SuperFood ($47.99), contains a two-month supply (60 servings). By purchasing the bulk size, consumers achieve a significant discount of 15% per ounce as well as the eco-benefit of reducing packaging.

Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass and Green SuperFood powders are designed to provide health-conscious consumers with a delicious and convenient means to achieve the recommended 5 to 9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Green SuperFood is a complete raw food powder that has a high concentration of naturally-occurring enzymes, carotenoids, phytonutrients and antioxidants that work synergistically to fight free radicals, remove toxins and repair damaged cells. The formula is made with organic ingredients and contains every amino acid, vitamin, and mineral necessary to sustain human life, as well as an enhanced digestive enzyme and active probiotic blend to improve nutrient absorption. Since the human body is designed to obtain nutrition from whole foods, the body is able to efficiently and rapidly absorb the nutrients in Green SuperFood and quickly convert them into fuel.

Amazing Grass’ Pro Endorsers are Getting Bigger, Too - NHL’s Tallest player, Zdeno Chara, is a Grasshead

“Our products are enjoyed by amazing athletes around the world, including Zdeno Chara,” says Brandon Bert, President of Amazing Grass. Zdeno, or Zee as he is best known, is a rugged National Hockey League (NHL) All-Star defenseman and the Captain of the Boston Bruins. At 6’9” and 251 pounds, Zee is the tallest player in the league and is one of the leaders in Time on the Ice per game –a statistic that demonstrates his incredible stamina and endurance. At this year’s NHL All Star Game SuperSkills competition, Zee shattered the 16-year-old NHL Hardest Shot record and captured his third consecutive title after recording a 105.4 MPH blast. “Amazing Grass is on my table every morning during the season,” says Zee. “It helps me maintain my energy and enhances my performance - and it tastes great, too.”

Since Zee became a GrassHead, most of the team has been interested in the secret behind his sustained energy. “Zee started consuming Amazing Grass at the start of this season, and now the Bruins have the best winning record in the whole NHL,” notes Bert. “We think it is more than a mere coincidence.” With all the travel and the hectic 82 game regular season schedule plus the playoffs, having a convenient, whole food means to ensure proper nutrition is critical for elite athletes like Zee.

For the majority of people, stress and consumption of unhealthy processed foods can create an acidic imbalance in the blood that, among other problems, can cause the body to store water and build up fat in the arteries (cholesterol) as protection from acidic blood. The rich chlorophyll content and high alkalinity of the Amazing Grass Green SuperFood and Organic Wheat Grass products helps to combat acidity and restore blood to the optimal pH level. It is also known to promote improved circulation, digestion and regular elimination.

Amazing Grass Green SuperFood contains over 70% organic ingredients and provides more organic whole leaf greens per gram than any other green SuperFood brand. The company recommends that customers enjoy 1 to 3 servings a day by mixing 1 scoop with 6 or more ounces of water, juice or smoothie. Amazing Grass products are widely available at stores around the country and at In addition to the savings provided by the new bulk sizes, Amazing Grass offers a discount under their popular GrassHeads program, and also offers ‘Best of Both’ special deals on their website.

Amazing Grass’ mission is to educate the world about the benefits of green SuperFoods and the improved quality of life derived from healthy eating habits. In addition to Green SuperFood, Organic Wheat Grass, Kidz SuperFood and Green Chocolate SuperFood, Amazing Grass also offers Orgnaic Wheat Grass in tablet forms, three flavors of a new product called Amazing Meal, two new organic Whole Food Energy Bars, and new Berry Green SuperFood.

Amazing Grass is a friends-and family-owned company with roots that date back over 60 years of growing and dehydrating green foods. The company produces certified organic wheat grass, barley grass, oat grass, rye grass and alfalfa at a family farm in Kansas, and markets the most nutritious, convenient and affordable green SuperFoods to help families thrive. Amazing Grass stands out because the grasses are field-grown throughout the winter allowing the roots to soak up nutrients from mineral-rich soil for over 6 months. “The young leaves are harvested just one time each year at their nutritional peak,” says President Brandon Bert. "The greens are carefully flash dehydrated at low temperatures, frozen as whole leaf powders and then packed in nitrogen to maintain freshness. The extra steps ensure customers get the most nutrient-dense raw green food powders in the world," adds Bert. For more info, please visit

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