Healthnotes® Launches Healthnotes Connect(TM) 2007

PORTLAND, Ore.—September 12, 2006—Healthnotes, Inc. today announced the release of Healthnotes Connect™ 2007, a comprehensive in-store marketing solution designed to be the hub of the healthy living marketplace for supermarkets, pharmacies and natural product stores. Building on more than 15 years' experience educating consumers in a retail environment, Healthnotes Connect drives incremental sales by delivering department-specific, fully integrated health, food and lifestyle information storewide on interactive touchscreen kiosks.

Healthnotes Connect 2007 provides enhanced transactional capabilities, including:
• An interactive touch-to-print Shopping List that lets shoppers add products directly from the articles and recipes they have just read and then print for immediate use while shopping.
• Prominently recommended “Helpful Products” that can be used in conjunction with common medications—suggestive selling designed to encourage shoppers to buy complementary products that may ease side-effects or improve their medications’ effectiveness.
• Upgraded Food & Recipes section with an enhanced search function and rotating feature recipes to help shoppers quickly find the perfect recipe for dinner.
• Suggested wine pairings and full-meal solutions included with recipes to make meal planning easier and encourage companion purchases. Also, a retailer’s specific recipe library is easily integrated into the system to provide customers with simple, indexed access to their recipes in-store.

In addition, Healthnotes Connect 2007 features new content on wine varietals, “produce-of-the-week” features, and new seasonal and lifestyle articles.

"Healthnotes Connect 2007 builds on the tremendous success of our Healthnotes Connect release earlier this year and reinforces our commitment to help retailers drive successful healthy living initiatives," stated Dr. Schuyler Lininger, President and CEO, Healthnotes Inc. "By offering convenient and easy access to targeted, seasonal health living content and recipes, leading retailers can develop their stores into true healthy living marketplaces with the information and suggestive selling required for growing sales and customer loyalty chain-wide.”

With an engaging interface that features custom retailer branding, Healthnotes Connect drives sales of high-margin products by providing information and shopping tools at the point of decision. In addition, Healthnotes AdConnect can be integrated throughout Healthnotes Connect, enabling retailers to deliver targeted, contextually-relevant advertising, promotions, and seasonal content.

Healthnotes Connect is a turnkey merchandising and marketing program scalable to the largest organizations. Healthnotes manages all the details—including hassle-free, remotely-managed kiosks, integrated training, a comprehensive in-store success program, and automated content updates to reflect not only the latest science, but also seasonal features such as allergy control in the spring and tips to stay trim in the summer.

Healthnotes Connect is available to customers in September 2006. Pricing is based on the number of stores, systems implemented per store, and included features. Kiosk hardware is available through Healthnotes at an additional charge. Healthnotes content is also available for integration on retailers’ Web sites through Healthnotes WebConnect.
About Healthnotes, Inc.

Healthnotes, Inc. was founded in 1987 on the premise that informed consumers become loyal customers. The leading provider of reliable, consumer-friendly health and wellness information, Healthnotes drives more than 50 million consumer visits annually across thousands of retail locations and Web sites worldwide, including six of the top seven U.S. grocery retailers. Healthnotes solutions empower consumers to make educated decisions and drive product sales, both in-store and online. Visit for more information.

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HEALTHNOTES is a registered trademark of Healthnotes, Inc.

For more information, please contact:
Jeff Seacrist—Healthnotes, Inc.
503.517.4564, [email protected]

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