Herza showcases energy, protein bars

Herza showcases energy, protein bars

HERZA is focusing on attractive new products in the functional bar category at this year's Finished Products Europe trade fair in Geneva.

As a renowned manufacturer of quality functional chocolate, HERZA is focusing on attractive new products in the functional bar category at this year's Finished Products Europe trade fair in Geneva. Marketers of sport nutrition, diet foods, and health and lifestyle products can examine the flavour and consistency of a wide variety of energy and protein bars at HERZA's booth (No. 11016) and at the "Tasting Bar."

New bars with very high protein content and attractive look
The energy and protein bar category is seeing sustained, above-average growth. With the new HERZA developments, marketers can generate additional revenue. Among the many new product ideas are protein bars with an exceptionally high 58 percent protein content. They are particularly suitable for casual as well as more ambitious athletes who want to keep calories down while building muscle mass. In the diet category, the company has developed a fibre bar that features an extremely long satiety effect. The "Colour-Snackers" are an absolute eye catcher—the world's first single-colour multilayer bars. The bar and fruit filling have the same attention-getting colour as the outside glaze. Whether red, green or other nuances, these colourful bars offer the potential for unique product differentiation in the bar category. The same goes for the new "White pure Chocolate" protein bar, made entirely of chocolate. HERZA also offers milk chocolate with high protein content. The company is one of only a few to produce functional chocolate with 40 percent less sugar and five times the protein of normal chocolate. The product has many uses, for example in sport bars or diet products.

HERZA offers standard formulations, but specializes in tailor-made products that help customers set themselves apart from the competition. The company can also draw on the knowledge and technical resources of its sister companies within the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, whether it is the nutrition specialist SternVitamin or SternMaid for the production of bar base mixes. Thanks to this networked cooperation within the Group, customers can get complete solutions from a single source, from product development to manufacture of the base mix to production and packaging of the bars, which HERZA does at its own production facility. With the help of modern technology, the company can make bars in different formats, from 35 grams to 100 grams. Their length, width and thickness can be configured individually as desired by the customer.



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