Mannatech Introduces MannaBar

COPPELL, TX, Oct 03, 2006 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- (MTEX) -- Mannatech, Incorporated has introduced MannaBar, a healthy, low-glycemic nutritional alternative for those looking for a portable, between-meals snack.

Even if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat properly, you probably do not ingest enough glyconutrients or omega-3 essential fatty acids to maintain optimum health. MannaBar provides these valuable nutrients in a delicious, healthy snack.

MannaBar's core ingredient is Mannatech's proprietary Ambrotose complex -- a patented glyconutritional blend of plant sugars (carbohydrates) designed to support the immune system. The bars also contain 80 milligrams of DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids -- the most active form of omega-3s that the body does not have to convert for nutritional use.

In addition to high levels of protein and soluble fiber, each bar contains 23 vitamins and minerals derived from the whole food matrix. MannaBar is sweetened with natural sugars, including brown rice syrup, honey, fructose and fruit puree. These sweeteners, combined with natural carbohydrates from oat, soy and fruit pieces, are absorbed slowly by the body, having little impact on blood sugar levels.

MannaBar is available in two flavors -- chocolate as well as fruit and yogurt. The snack bar currently is only being sold in the United States.

Consumers may obtain this healthy new snack by contacting one of Mannatech's independent Associates. Consumers may call Mannatech toll free at 1-800-281-4469 to be put in touch with an Associate in their area.

Founded in 1993, Mannatech is a leading wellness company and a pioneer in the field of proprietary glyconutritional supplements and wellness products. The company announced a ground-breaking formulation in 1996 of a nutritional supplement comprised of a unique blend of plant-based sugars, which are also known as glyconutrients ('glyco' is the Greek word for 'sweet').

Medical research acknowledges that eight glyconutrient sugars are needed at the cellular level for optimum immune system function. Considering that six of these glyconutrients are often lacking in modern diets, Mannatech sought new and better sources of the nutrients. The effort culminated in 1996 with the Ambrotose complex.

Ten years of research, including in vitro studies, animal studies, human case reports and small human clinical studies, suggest that Ambrotose provides a wide range of support for immune system functions. More than 20 patents worldwide -- including one from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office -- have been issued to Mannatech for technology related to the Ambrotose formulation.

Today Mannatech has more than two dozen glyconutritional products for adults and children that address health and nutrition, sports performance, weight management and skin care.

About Mannatech, Incorporated
Mannatech, Incorporated is a global wellness solutions provider that develops innovative, high-quality, proprietary nutritional supplements, topical and skin care products, and weight management products that are sold through approximately 526,000 independent associates and members located in the United States and the international markets of Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Denmark and Germany. For additional information about Mannatech, please visit

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