Natural, Organic & Eco-friendly Products Distributor National Eco Wholesale Launched by Eco-Products Founder Steve Savage

Even in today’s economy, consumer demand for natural, organic and eco-friendly products continues to grow at a significant pace. Sales of these products remain strong, growing at 10-15%, and retailers are expanding their offerings beyond natural and organic foods to include such products as non-toxic, green cleaners; natural and organic gardening and pest control products; recycled paper products and office supplies; and other green products for home and garden.

To respond to this growing demand, retailers from Whole Foods and Sprouts Farmers Market to chain and independent hardware stores, lawn & garden centers, home improvement stores, big box stores, online e-tailers and others are expanding their selection of natural, organic and eco-friendly products.

To help all these retailers source authentic green products at competitive prices, a new distributor, National Eco Wholesale (NEW), has been launched to serve as a knowledgeable, reliable source of these products. NEW will operate initially out of Boulder, CO, a leading epicenter of natural, organic and sustainable business. Established by Steve Savage, founder of Eco-Products (a leading company specializing in sustainable foodservice products), NEW will initially serve retailers on a regional basis, and then will expand to serving retailers nationally using a combination of company owned vehicles, third party freight, and UPS.

“As the natural products industry has grown substantially over the past few years, it has become increasingly obvious that there are a lot of inefficiencies on how these products get to market,” says Savage. “As most industries have wholesalers to serve their respective markets, there currently is not a wholesaler in the natural products space to serve retailers looking to add high quality environmental solutions and manufacturers with efficient means to serve these retailers.”

Beginning by offering natural and organic fertilizers and home and garden pest control products; nontoxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products; recycled paper products; and green office supplies, NEW will expand to become a full-service distributor of natural, organic and eco-friendly products. NEW currently operates from its warehouse in Boulder, but has plans to open distribution centers on the East and West Coasts, too.

“NEW plans to serve retailers with low minimum orders and free shipping on orders over $500,” says Savage. “Also, we will help emerging manufacturers of green products that might not otherwise have the resources to penetrate established markets. With a knowledgeable staff, we can back our products with information, helping to educate the retailers and ultimately, consumers.” For more information, call National Eco Wholesale at 303.962.4232 or visit

About National Eco Wholesale
National Eco Wholesale (NEW) intends to be the nation’s largest distributor of natural, organic and environmentally friendly products for home and garden. Founded in 2010 by Steve Savage, founder and former CEO of Eco-Products Inc., and President and Founder of Ellie’s Eco Home Store, NEW is a privately held Colorado C corporation with its principal place of business in Boulder, CO. For more information, contact Steve Savage at National Eco Wholesale, 303.962.4232,

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