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New breads, snacks, desserts cut calories 70%

New breads, snacks, desserts cut calories 70%
ThinSlim Foods uses a proprietary batter that replaces standard cake or wheat flours with custom blends of oat fiber, almond flour and the natural sweetener erythritol.

America’s slim-down culture received a big boost from ThinSlim Foods®, a first-of-its-kind specialty baker that will usher in a new category of guilt-free, healthful baked goods, snacks and dessert options this spring. For the first time, people that were restricted from brownies, cookies, breads, and even cheese pizzas, will celebrate ThinSlim Foods’ new line that:

  • Cuts calories up to 70 percent
  • Has 50 to 70 percent less carbs and fat compared to the vast market of options
  • Replaces harsh, artificial sweeteners with all-natural, lowest calorie Erythritol
  • Provides healthful options to sensitive digestives, diabetics and sufferers of celiac disease
  • Conforms to non-GMO and Kosher standards
  • Eliminates artificial flavors, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup and synthetic colors

The secret to ThinSlim Foods is its proprietary batter that replaces standard cake or wheat flours with custom blends of oat fiber, almond flour and the all-natural sweetener erythritol. Its Master bakers have worked alongside nutritional experts to confirm their baked goods’ safety for gluten-free, hypoglycemia and other digestive and dietary sensitivities.

New snack category improves flavor with healthy eating
“The market for diet foods is great, but the options are not. Shops are stocked with products harboring laundry lists of processed and low quality ingredients, some with sweeteners that cause GI distress, or falsified and misleading nutritionals. Several low carb foods, designed to taste good, have massive amounts of fat. Other low fat options are filled with carbs,” said Andrew Eckhardt, owner and founder of ThinSlim Foods and a veteran diet food consumer. “No company had yet figured out how to make a diet food that was both low fat, low carb and appetizing. Those days are officially over. One bite of ThinSlim Foods’ dense brownies or our delicious muffins, cookies or breads will prove that. We only use the best ingredients available, making it ever more true, 'You get what you pay for’.”

Supermarket distribution expanding nationally
ThinSlim Foods is no longer a secret among dieting circles. To accommodate its growing popularity, the company recently expanded its infrastructure to manage more national wholesale orders. ThinSlim Foods products are sold in many supermarkets nationwide and consumers can continue to order products online at All of its products are sold frozen, a result of the company’s conscious decision to limit unnecessary or unnatural ingredients. The line includes:

  • Blondie Squares 
  • Brownie 
  • Cheese Pizza
  • Cookies
  • Love the Taste Bagels
  • Love the Taste Bread
  • Love your Waist Bagels 
  • Muffins 
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