New ideas for chocolate pieces, functional bars

New ideas for chocolate pieces, functional bars

HERZA Schokolade will showcase small chocolate pieces and functional bars at Food Ingredients Europe.

HERZA Schokolade is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of small chocolate pieces for further processing. The company also develops and produces functional bars that reconcile the continuing health and fitness trend with convenience and enjoyment. At Food Ingredients Europe, HERZA will present novel products from both segments (Stand 8H30). 

Small-piece protein chocolate for muesli, yoghurt and pastry goods
A new addition to the range is milk chocolate fortified with whey protein isolate. This product contains up to 30 percent—nearly three times as much—protein and only half as much sugar as standard milk chocolate. With the whey protein isolate the chocolate retains the characteristic, fine flavor of a milk chocolate while offering an additional functional benefit. HERZA supplies the protein chocolate in the form of small pieces for breakfast cereals and muesli, pastry goods, milk products and yoghurt and can also use it in the manufacture of sport and fitness bars if the customer wishes.

A further novelty is chocolate mini-clusters. These crunchy chocolate pieces have a second-bite effect. They can be used both as an ingredient of muesli and cereals and as a chocolate snack in their own right—for example as a “mini” version of familiar branded products. The chocolate mini-clusters permit numerous combinations of chocolate with cereals, nuts and fruit. The added chocolate pieces have no open cut edges; they have an attractive, hand-made character.

Protein bars with high enjoyment value
First and foremost, functional bars must serve their purpose as sources of protein or nutrients, but the taste experience must not be neglected either. With different flavorings and chocolate coatings, HERZA offers a wide choice. New additions to the range are two-color chocolate bars. Thanks to a special production technique and years of experience in the confectionery sector, the company can also make bars coated, for example, with white chocolate and with a base of dark chocolate—a novelty in the market.

For an intensive chocolate flavor and a more crunchy effect, HERZA has developed double-coated deluxe protein bars. They contain a creamy filling that is first coated with chocolate, then sprinkled all over with crispies or nuts and finally coated with chocolate again.

A network of skills
As a member of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, HERZA can draw on the extensive know-how of its sister companies at the recently enlarged Technology Centre, with its 3,000 square meters of state-of-the-art equipment, when developing its small-piece chocolate and functional bars. The company also has a special chocolate laboratory of its own.

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