O Organics™ Debuts Grocery Retail Industry's Most Comprehensive Line of USDA Certified Organic Supplements

O Organics, one of the country's largest organic brands by retail sales, announced today the launch of O Organics Supplements, the mainstream grocery retail industry's most comprehensive line of USDA certified organic supplements. Featuring popular supplements including Vitamin C, Calcium and St. John's Wort, the 12 SKU line brings additional depth to O Organics' extensive product portfolio of affordable, high quality organic offerings. Available in Safeway supermarkets beginning today, O Organics Supplements will be rolling out across additional retailers nationwide during 2009.

The Supplements line represents the latest step in the evolution of the O Organics brand, growing from an initial launch of 30 products in 2005 to a multi-category lifestyle solution of over 300 USDA certified organic products with offerings in every aisle of the supermarket. Supported by a multi-million dollar consumer marketing campaign to drive traffic to its retailers, O Organics offers supermarket chains and food service organizations a complete and proven solution to quickly and easily implement a comprehensive organic strategy across their organizations.

"As one of the retail world's fastest growing product segments, the organic sector is rapidly outgrowing its niche status and becoming a mainstream staple with strong, across-the-board demand from the many shoppers who are looking for healthier, more environmentally friendly options," said Sheetal Khanna, Director of Brand Strategy for Global Brands at Lucerne Foods Inc. "We're continually developing new products to best serve this fast-changing market and the O Organics Supplements line delivers exactly the type of simple, effective and affordable solutions these consumers desire."

The 12 organic supplements initially available from the O Organics Supplements line are Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Cranberry, Echinacea, Echinacea & Golden Seal, Garlic, Ginseng, St. John's Wort, Ginkgo Biloba, Saw Palmetto and Green Tea. Made from the highest-quality organic ingredients, O Organics is able to leverage the national resources of the recently formed Better Living Brands(TM) Alliance to offer the new supplements at affordable prices while minimizing the impact on the environment.

About O Organics
O Organics is one of the nation's largest organic brands by retail sales and offers consumers and retailers a complete, multi-category lifestyle solution with over 300 products in 30+ categories. Launched in October 2005, O Organics offers a complete range of the highest quality organic foods at prices that are in reach of everyday shoppers. Available in mainstream grocers, O Organic simplifies the shopping experience by allowing consumers to take care of all their organic and conventional food needs in a single location. Additionally, the brand has been recognized as one of the key players transforming the organic sector from niche to mainstream by making great-tasting organic foods affordable and widely available to consumers nationwide.

About Better Living Brands(TM) Alliance
Better Living Brands Alliance is a group of world-class food and beverage manufacturing, marketing and distribution companies formed to meet consumer demand and fuel consistent growth in consumption of organic and health and wellness foods and beverages. The Better Living Brands Alliance mission is to help consumers live better lives everyday by offering brands that delight.

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