Omega-3s formulation guide for foods and beverages

A quick guide about the benefits of omega-3s in juices, milk, bakery products and spreads and how much should be added during formulation.

JUICES (refrigerated and shelf-stable)

  • Oil is homogenized into juice using emulsifiers such as pectin or lecithin
  • Low 32mg to high 350mg/8oz


  • Oil is homogenized into milk using native proteins
  • 32mg to 75mg/serving

BAKERY (breads, muffins, pastries)

  • Omega-3s can be added to dough along with other oils.
  • Low oxygen environment and proteins protect oil from oxidation.
  • 16mg to 50mg (bread), 500mg muffins


  • High fat and antioxidants; lower fish oils oxidation
  • 32mg to 150mg

Rules of thumb

The higher the temperature, the shorter the exposure. Thus, retorted and extruded products are typically not good candidates for fortification with omega-3 oils.

Claims that EPA or DHA from plants, algae or krill are somehow more stable than others are false. The laws of chemistry do not change based on the source of a material.

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