Ramar Foods frozen cuisine catches fire

Ramar Foods frozen cuisine catches fire

Easy-to-prepare meals introduce the world to hot Filipino culinary traditions.  

The frozen food market is expected to grow, reaching $261.50 billion in annual sales in 2015, and in no small part thanks to the innovation and quality of such cultivated makers as Ramar Foods (ramarfoods.com). As a family company with roots in food manufacturing dating back to the 1960s, the younger generation of Ramar’s legacy is embracing the richness of its Filipino culinary heritage and taking the company to a new global level. With 10 brands specializing in everything from Filipino-style sausages to scrumptious Asian desserts, Ramar Foods is not only keeping up with the market, but raising the standards for an entire industry.
“Many of our recipes have been passed down for generations and are authentic down to the smallest detail. Cooking is taken to heart from a very young age in the Philippines and we want to share the sense of passion and joy that comes from these culinary traditions with the rest of the world,” says Primo Quesada, son of the business’ pioneers and president of Ramar Foods. “We don’t want people to have to travel all the way to the Philippines to get a taste of what the region has to offer. We want to make it easy to enjoy the diverse flavors that have shaped a rich heritage of delicious foods.” Undeniably, the Quesada family has accomplished its goals with flying colors. Ramar Foods’ product lines of Kusina, Turo Turo Gourmet, and Pampanga’s Best are three brands that bring the cuisine of the Philippines right to the world’s tables.

Kusina (“kitchen” in Filipino) infuses its cuisine with a melting pot of influences that trace back over 400 years when Spanish settlers immersed their dynamic recipes with the finest of Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai and Malay cooking. Kusina offers a tailored array of chicken, pork, and vegetable full meals with scrumptious flavors. Its zesty and spiced Adobo (available in chicken or pork) has a long history as the national dish of the Philippines and blends vinegar and garlic with hints of soy sauce and black pepper to create a tangy marinade. Kusina’s dishes hit no less than all of the palate’s hot spots.
As a tribute to the deliciously prepared meats of the Philippines, Turo Turo Gourmet offers party packs and finger foods to step up the flavor and make the preparation of tasty barbecue skewers fast and convenient. The barbecue skewers come marinated and ready for the grill; just add some fire! Turo Turo Gourmet’s are always a party favorite or top pick for a dine-in treat as they are delicious top quality and ready-to-cook. Each edible within the Turo Turo Gourmet line are perfectly proportioned and seasoned with the passion and taste of the Philippines.

Pampanga’s Best is a creation that sprang out of the region of the Philippines best known for its culinary heritage and time-honored recipes. Pampanga is home to a plethora of delicious recipes that are passed down for generations and include such favorites as longanisa (a Philippine-style sausage), hamonado (a sweeter version of longanisa), tocino (a cured sweet and savory cutlet-style meat usually served for breakfast with garlic rice and an egg), tapa (a traditional cured seasoned beef), and lumpia (Filipino-style egg rolls). Pampanga’s Best foods are the quintessential center-of-the-plate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
With busy schedules and bustling activities demanding large amounts of time out of the day, Ramar Foods offers a reprieve to the time-consuming labor of meal preparation and gives good reason to enjoy a savory meal. Kusina, Turo Turo Gourmet, and Pampanga’s Best allow the palate to travel and go so far as to sample the rich and popular flavors all the way from the Philippines within the comfort of home.

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