Real food, please, and I'll pass on dessert

Consumers shift from indulgences to basic foods

(Q1 and Q2 2008 combined vs prior year FDM, volume change}
Processed frozen poultry +7.2 per cent
Rice +5.5 per cent
Breakfast meats +3.3 per cent
Instant potatoes +2.7 per cent
Frozen vegetables +2.0 per cent
Refrigerated side dishes +1.7 per cent
Frozen side dishes +1.2 per cent
Ice cream/sherbet -6.1 per cent
Refrigerated dips -5.7 per cent
Bakery snacks -5.3 per cent
Refrigerated lunches -5.3 per cent
Shelf-stable dinners -4.1 per cent
Refrigerated entr?es -3.6 per cent
Frozen dinners -1.5 per cent

Sources: Information Resources Inc, InfoScan Reviews

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